.hello. world

What can I say? I’m LJ. I’m a 25 year old married girl from Alabama who has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up. I talk too much and I ramble on and on. I’m dramatic to a fault. I love to read and I love to write. Hence the blog. Now this is not my first rodeo (should I start making Southern quips and appropriated times? We’re known for that, right?), I actually have a few blogs. If you want to read about my life as a wife and homeowner you can pop over to my dead blog I run with my hubby who never posts Keeping up with the Johnsons. If you want to hear my sad tale of infertility due to PCOS and our 2 year (so far) fight to become parents you can sit down with a cup of coffee and read Journey to a Little Johnson. If you just want to get to know me, just me, then stay right here. Yes I’m a wife, and a mother in waiting, but I’m also just a twentysomething girl that likes to share her life.

I think I’m funny. If I’m not funny then I’m just amusingly awkward which is fine by me. I have a quirk about me that I’ve been told is charming. I hope it is, otherwise I’m sure you’ll bore with me soon enough. I love to read. I have select TV shows that I DO NOT miss (okay, I hulu them). I’m a photographer and I run my own business. I love thrift store shopping. I love DIY projects though I usually end up with a bigger mess than I do with an end result. I like to stay busy and I’m a wreck if I have too much time on my hands. I’m a worrier and I fret over everything. I hope those closest to me find it endearing, if not, I’m sure it annoys them to death. I have fabulous friends, I’m married to an amazing man, I have 2 dogs, a rabbit, and if I had my way we’d fill the house with even more animals (a pig and a goat to be exact).
I’m not sure where this blog will lead, but I’d love for you to follow me down this rabbit hole.


I just ADORE getting comments! I can't wait to read yours! Thank you so much for hanging out here with me!

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