.hello. low carb snacks

Back in April I was diagnosed with PCOS with insulin resistance and told in order for me to get pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy would be to cut my sugars and lose weight! Now, I promised this wouldn’t be a pity whoa is me blog with my battle with infertility, but that battle has brought me to a low carb diet. I have lost 11lbs so far since the middle of April. At first I was working really hard at it and I actually lost 7 lbs my first week, since then I’ve discovered french fries again and have been eating them like I’ve never had them before. Due to this I’m feeling icky all the time, my skin is breaking out worse than ever, and my weight loss has stalled. After talking to a friend who was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes I’ve decided to kick the habit once more and hop back on my bandwagon! My hubby has been doing this for years and that boy can decide on Monday he wants to loose weight and by Wednesday he’s 10 lbs lighter. For the rest of us that have to work at it I thought I’d share some snacks making their way around pinterest and my kitchen!
One of the hardest things for me to give up has been crackers and chips. I actually threw a toddler sized temper tantrum on my first low carb shopping trip in the cracker isle, because, as I have found (or not found), there is no low carb/carb free cracker. I LOVE crackers! I love them with chicken salad, tuna salad, pretty much any dip at all. Wandering around on pinterest today I found these fabulous cheese crisps that I think will really step up my happy scale and satisfy my craving for something crunchy! And best of all, who doesn’t love cheese?! I’m so looking forward to trying the colby/chedder/ranch mix combination!  The recipe and details can be found here!

Next up, for something on the sweet side, Cheesecake stuffed Strawberries! These perked my ears up because I am a HUGE fan of strawberries and my dear hubby could eat an entire cheesecake in one sitting all on his own. It’s his favorite! These look great for a dessert, especially in this Alabama heat! Your carbs here are coming from the natural sugars in fruit, and that is a carb that I don’t really limit myself of. These fabulous little bits only have 1.6 net carbs per serving (assuming 16 strawberries!) so you can’t be that for a filling dessert. I try my best to avoid fake sugars and artificial flavorings, so I’ll probably half the usage of the spelnda simply because I’m not big into the super sweet after taste it has. I like strawberries and cream cheese on their own so I don’t need much sweetening up, but if you do, by all means go for it! 😀The full recipe and details can be found here!

Speaking of fruit, who didn’t love fruit roll ups as a kid? I know between those and gushers I always had to have something gummy and yummy in my lunch box! Now a days Fruit Roll ups (12 carbs per roll) are something my blood sugar just can’t handle not to mention if you are trying to cut out artificial flavorings, well, there is nothing natural in them. This alternative on the other hand is completely all natural and pretty much guilt free!

You can find the details for these yummy all natural snacks right here!

I just bought a can of chickpeas in order to try this next snack. Just like with the crackers, I’m always dying to have something crunchy in my path when I want to snack! I think out of all the recipes I’ve found, I’m most excited about trying these roasted garbanzo beans! At a dollar a can and spices you’d already have in your cabinet you can’t beat the value! Try finding a tasty healthy chip for under a buck! I first saw these on Marlena, the owner and guru of Makeup Geek TV’s channel and she’s dropped 110 lbs in under 2 years! Check out her snack video for inspiration and motivation!
You can find these right over here!

Last, but far far from least is a fabulous dessert from Low Carb Layla! I absolutely adore peanut butter. It is my favorite thing by far. Before low carbing I would have peanut butter shakes until I’d get sick! My current favorite way to get my peanut butter fix is eating peanut butter with apples for an afternoon snack. If I’m wanting something a little sweeter, this is what I’m going to go for next time!  Peanut Butter Pudding! Doesn’t that sound divine? And with only 3 net carbs you can completely indulge!

Find this yummy pudding here and the chocolate mousse recipe that looks equally yummy here!

So, that’s it for now! I’m finding all sorts of wonderful things on the internets opening this diet up far more than I thought it could be so don’t expect this to be the last low carb post! I can’t wait to share with you the Squash Casserole Muffins a dear friend of mine made just this week! I ate 3 and they were totally guilt free!  Also this week our fridge broken and since we had to throw everything in it (yep freezer stuff too) away we used the opportunity to rid our entire kitchen of carbs and unhealthy snacks! Well, mostly. I still have a stash of  chocolate I’m having a hard time parting with, but hopefully with the additions of these snacks and more yummy ones to come, I’ll be able to kick that craving as well! I hope you all enjoyed! What’s your favorite low carb snack?

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    • Oh, you have no idea! You have taken over my low carb board on my Pinterest! Thank you for helping me for the first time since I’ve been diagnosed, feel like I can actually do this without sacrificing everything I love! YOU ROCK!

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