.hello. google

Today I had to Google “pet pig pooped in the bathtub”. Really? Yep.
Yesterday I noticed  there was a red/ orange tint to Sawyer’s skin on his head and a little ways down his back down the center.  Of course my first thought is mange mites since every site about potbellies says to look out for them at this age, but I had also started using a new lotion on him so before I took him to the vet I wanted to wash off all dirt and lotion to see how his skin looked. Well, we finally did that bath this morning.  Oh. My. God. Do you know how a smoke alarm sounds? Imagine giving a moving, jumping animal a bath while having a smoke alarm held up to your ear. That’s how loud he was! My ears were ringing for HOURS afterwards!

How can something so small be so loud?!

As we were bathing him (and praying the neighbors didn’t call the cops and tell them that we were murdering an infant) we look down and he was pooping in the tub! WHAT?! Is this really happening right now??? It was. Hence the “pet pit pooped in the bathtub” search. I don’t know what I expected to find, I guess something just to let me know I’m not alone. Surprisingly (and thankfully) I’m not ! Ha! My tub now how to be bleached, but I’ve got a clean pig and he’s mange free! Now let’s all cross our fingers it doesn’t end up being one of those “Found this week on Google” topics. Imagine that one trending! Maybe it would bring traffic to the blog! That would be worth the poo tub! Not really worth the howling we had to go through in the first place though. Ick. This kid’s about to learn how to use a sprinkler and kiddy pool if he doesn’t get on point with the rest of his pig brethren and learn to love baths.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to Google search?


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