.hello. low carb ‘cheese nipz’

I want to have a party. A low carb party where everyone brings something low carb to eat, and I’ll bring these and everyone will go on and on about how great I am and the cheese cracker void I have filled in their lives. I’ve already told you guys about the melt down I had in the cracker isle when first going low carb, but for me the world without crackers is a bleak world I wanted nothing to do with. Then came these. I first saw them on Low Carb Layla’s blog and my first thought was they were too good to be true.  1 ingredient (unless you want to get fancy), 2 minutes, and 16 crackers with a HALF OF A CARB! What?! Not to mention they are delish! A perfect substitute for my 100 calorie packs of cheeze its! *Que angel chorus here*

So ready to go grocery shopping? Here’s what you need!

1 slice of Deluxe American Sliced Cheese (From everything I’ve seen online it has to be deluxe american, none of the others work)
Parchment paper
Fixin’s (totally optional. I used bacon bits on some, garlic powder on others, onion powered and cayane pepper on a few too! It’s totally up to you what flavor you make, they’re fine on their own!)

All you do is cut your slice of cheese into 16 small squares. (Cut in half, then the other way, then half those as well) Line a plate with parchment paper (cut it to the plate so it doesn’t get caught while turning in the microwave) and line your cheese squares along the parchment paper. DON’T NOT USE THE PARCHMENT PAPER! It’s just as important as the cheese here. Nothing else will work. It will stick and you’ll have a mess! Now just pop your cheese squares into the microwave for 45-60 secs. My microwave is nothing to write home about and it actually takes 2 minutes in there for me to get them where I want them so don’t worry if you need to go longer. The longer they’re in the crispier they are. You’ll want them to get a nice golden brown. They’ll bubble up and become round. Your plate will be the temperature of the center of the Earth when it’s done if it’s anything like mine so be aware and keep your fingerprints! Peel them off and enjoy!

Told you, easy peasy and SO good!  You can customize them anyway you want! My hubby likes bacon bits in his, I like garlic salt on mine. What’s your flavor of choice? What would you serve at a low carb party?


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