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Showing off a little of my hubby’s picture taken skills! He shoots a Canon AV-1 cira 1979 and this was shot with Kodacolor gold100 that expired in 1991. If you can’t tell, they’re a pretty musical family.

Well, here we are at Monday and sadly the weekend is over. Boo! This weekend was pretty low key for us. RJ went to Tennessee for a family reunion! Missing that really was the worst thing ever, but we have friends and family trained to babysit everyone except for Sawyer. I mean, he’s easy, but you add a pig into an equation and people get a little nervous. I won’t miss the next one though, even if I take him with me! Being in Tennessee with that side of RJ’s family really is my happy place. Every moment is full of love and family, music and long talks full of encouragement. I’ve so very blessed with such wonderful in laws!

I have to show off a shot of my handsome hubby. ❤

RJ left Friday afternoon and came back Saturday night, just in time to make it to a surprise party for a friend of ours who graduated nursing school! *Congrats, Mark!!* We were both so excited to see Mark and Laura again, celebrate this exciting time for them, and most importantly meet their precious twin girls! We had a great dinner then went back to their house to be treated to a pretty awesome jam session from the guys while we girls played a pretty mean game of Phase 10. The game didn’t end until nearly 2 am (and Laura punked out early, just sayin!) and Ran and I went home and slept until mid afternoon yesterday. It was wonderful!
I babysat a friend of mine’s son yesterday. RJ and I both had a blast keeping Ace for the day!  We played at the park and watched Phinneas and Ferb (twice!), had a nummy toddler friendly dinner, and he passed out watching Rugrats. It’s was pretty stinkin awesome. I love babysitting. Having kids around the house just feels like it’s suppose to. I can’t wait to be a mother of my own children. We start the IUI process in September so hopefully it’ll happen by the end of the year! I’m ready for this two year journey to come to a close for a while. 🙂

Ace says “Live long and prosper!”

I hope you all and a long and wonderful weekend and hopefully the next one doesn’t take too long to show up! Only 7 more days till Saturday! 🙂 I thought I’d share a few fun little links while you pass the time until then!

I’ve been looking for a tweak on my blog design, because, while I love it, it’s rather bland. I’m so excited I ran across Whisky Tango Foxtrot’s blog and design! Her stuff is so simple yet colorful and perfect for .hello. lj!  Can’t wait to get a little extra money so I can get started with her!

Have you ever tried these candles? If not, you simply MUST! They are my favorite things in the world! I burn these 2 scents together and it makes my house smell amazing! Here and Here

Check out this little snooter! He’s almost as cute as Sawyer! We are obviously behind on trick training! Gotta get on that!

How adorable is this new sign from Impressions by Brittany??

Speaking of Facebook, does this come in my size?

We had a fair in the parking lot of our mall this past week. If it had looked like this I would have never left!

Speaking of facebook and pictures, you should go add my photography page!

If that rabbit was grey and that pig had black spot on the top of his nose, I would blow that  up and make living room wall paper out of it. Now to figure out how to add a mini schauzer and a maltipoo to it!

Ever since Katie posted about this place I have NOT been able to get it off my mind! I have to take a trip soon!

I love hearing about positive parenting and experiences with it, check out this post on promoting positive behaviors!

I’m sorry, a blogger that took our most high butter queen, Paula Deen recipes and made them HEALTHY?! Yes please!

How to date your spouse! Genius!!

We are *eventually* redoing our bathroom, you have GOT to check out our inspiration for our countertops! I couldn’t love it more!!  It’s a fabulous little DIY!

And finally, in case you missed it before you need to go make the No bake cookies I made for 4th of July! We’ve gone through 2 batches in a week!


2 thoughts on “.hello. weekend links

  1. Thanks SO much for including a link to my post about promoting positive behavior! Love the way you combine all your favs in a post like this!

    • Thank YOU for such a wonderful post! Like I said, I love things referencing positive parenting! It’s such a strong message to send to your child! ❤

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