.hello. sharpie dinnerware

As I explained in our wedding date post, the hubby and I follow the traditional gifting timeline when it comes to our wedding anniversary. This year was cotton but since we were too strapped for cash to go all out on presents we decided to get creative and use the Alternative gift, which is china. We decorated each other a coffee mug (well, tea for me!) and then inscribed our wedding vows on a plate to be hung in our kitchen! This whole project was super fun, super cheap, and super sentimental!

Now I’ve seen sharpie mugs all over pinterest but I saw it on A Beautiful Mess the day before our anniversary and knew it’s what we had to do! All you need is a sharpie (I used black because it’s what I had on hand, but you can use whatever tickles your fancy!) and porcelain dinnerware you want to decorate. We actually found our cups and plate at the Dollar Tree so all in all this whole project cost us $3.30!

Draw on your dishes how ever you please, then bake them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350! Ran kinda went all out on his mug, drawing a (surprisingly accurate)  picture of himself with his hand on his head saying “I hear you like it hot!” Nerd. lol I went a little more simple on my design. Oh one side it says “You are my home” and on the other is a line from our first dance song. Pretty sweet, huh?

For the plate I took our wedding vows (which are honestly the GREATEST wedding vows of all time!) and just wrote them around, spiraling them into our wedding date in the center and we both signed and dated the back. My handwriting is the pits, but I’m sure someone with better handwriting would have dishes that look out of this world!

It’s important to remember that these dishes are HAND WASH ONLY! Sorry, guys, no getting out by using the dishwasher.  If you put them in the dishwasher the design will come off. Hand washing doesn’t seem to budge the design at all though! Just be cautious! Also, if you make a mistake while decorating, have no fear! Grab some rubbing alcohol, a Q-tip, and some toilet paper. Use the Q-tip dipped in the alcohol to erase your mistake then use the paper to wipe it off! Super easy! These would make great affordable Christmas gifts, just personalize each one, or party favors! Try it, then link back here and show me what you did!


6 thoughts on “.hello. sharpie dinnerware

    • Haha! His name is actually Sawyer, but we have seriously cruel nicknames for him! (Porkchop, bacon bit, ect…) It’s awful, but when you have a pet pig, you really can’t help it!

    • Haha! We don’t actually use ours, that’s how we get out of the hand washing! 😉 The mugs though will be used so as long as the hubby rinses his (which will be a miracle from God) they shouldn’t be too too hard to clean!

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