.hello. Sawyer Sunday

So since my littlest fur baby had surgery this week (Pork got his beans removed) I thought I’d share with you guys a post of  the ridiculous adorableness that is my pet pig! Here he is…. SAWYER!

Sweet little cuddle bug!

Happy boy!

Pig in a blanket, anyone? (budumchi!)

RJ’s goofy phone edit, but truly I think Sam thinks Sawyer is his pet!

Samual, Sawyer, and Sabastian! 3 of my 4 boys! ❤

This is how I was catching up on blogs Friday night! He wasn’t feeling well and this is all he wanted to do. Ha!

I love my baby boy!

That’s all I really wanted to share! Bacon is recovering well from having his bits removed so we are very happy about that! I was one panicked momma! I couldn’t sleep the night before so I was up at 1am making my no-bake cookies for the vet and his nurses. They enjoyed them very much! After we dropped him off we went to grab some lunch and found a fantastic little cafe in Piedmont where his vet is. It was called the Solid Rock Cafe. I wish I’d taken some shots but I really didn’t think about it at the time. I had the salad plate and got pasta salad, chicken salad, and potato salad. Anyone who knows me knows that was pretty much heaven on a plate in my opinion! Ran got a BBQ chicken salad that was fantastic. They also had coffees and ice cream and sandwiches and everything was super affordable! We will be back! He still hadn’t been taken back when we got done with lunch so we drove over to my Mother in Law’s house and took and fantastic nap till it was time to pick him up. I was so exhausted after only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before and we both slept like a rock. He didn’t cry when we picked him up from the vet and he was alert the whole drive home. We were really shocked at how well he took the whole ordeal! He was eating and jumping around (as much as I tried to stop him from doing so) and playing until that night. He crashed out pretty hard then the next day (Friday) he was going 90 to nothing all day and that night he just wanted to be in my lap or in my arms. It was really difficult to get anything done, but really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Those 4 are my kids. 4 legs or not, they’re my babies and I’m crazy about them. I hope you enjoyed your little peek at my precious piggy! He is certainly living up to my dream pet standards. What was your dream pet? Did your dream ever come true?


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