.hello. ABCs

Another fabulous find from Laura over at playdrmom! I recently linked up to her post on positive parenting and I went back and saw this fantastic little ABC activity!  It’s a lifestyle blog, right? So you should here more about me and my life…style. lol Yep! So here’s a quick fun little ABCs of me post! I hope you follow suit and do the same! I’d love to read yours!

Age- 25, this birthday was a big one for me. I’m not a fan of the whole getting older thing, but we lived it up with a fantastic vacation to Gatlinburg with the hubby and an 80’s themed birthday party!

Bed (size)- Queen, but since I share it with a husband, 2 dogs, and a pig I am DYING for an upgrade! If it would fit we’d be Cali King people!

Chore you Hate- Laundry! I hate laundry with a passion! And mopping! Those are my least favorite two!

Dogs?- Two actually! Sabsastian, our sweet, tenderhearted maltipoo, and Samual, our rambunctious cuddle bug mini schnauzer!

Essential start of the day- I check my email and my FB as soon as I get up in the mornings. It’s really bad, but I do it anyway. I’m not a breakfast eater so I have nothing to share there.

Favorite Color- Currently my favorite colors are all combos. Grey/mustard and teal/white are leading the pack right now!

Gold or Silver?- Silver although I’m opening up to more gold. I really like that old brassy gold and rose gold too!

Height- 5 foot 3 aka Too short to reach anything at all.

Instrument- Ha! I wish! I’m not musical in the least. I spun a flag in high school for band, but I did do choir all throughout school so can my voice be an instrument?

Job- I currently work for myself as a photographer. I own Olive Photos. I shoot babies from birth (literally, coming into the world) all the way to engagements and building of the families! I love getting to know a family and getting to capture their milestones for them!

Kids- 4 furbabies. Sabastian and Samual that you heard about way back there on letter D as well as Simon our precious very demainding grey bunny and Sawyer our hilarious and picky potbelly pig! We’ve been trying to grow our family (human child wise) for 2 years now with no luck, but we start the IUI process in September (hopefully) so maybe 2 legged babies will soon follow! 🙂

Where do you Live?- In Sweet Home Alabama! Where we drink sweet tea and bless at least a few hearts every day!

Favorite Movie- I have so many, but I have to say Steel Magnolias will always and forever hold a spot in my heart.

Nickname- LJ, LB, Kid (the real name is Lauryn Brook Johnson if you are wondering about all the initials!)

Overnight hospital stay- Not since I was a little bit!

Pet Peeve- People who are rude and people who go really slow in WalMart while blocking the isle (I wanna get out of here!!!!)

favorite Quote- All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney

Right or left-handed?- Righty Tighty!

Siblings?  I have a baby sister ten years younger than me. She going into her freshman year of high school this fall!

Time it takes to get ready- If I’m going somewhere fancy (which is never) it’s probably about an hour because I’m just really slow at it. If it’s a normal day, like 10 minutes. No kidding.

Underwear- Yes. I wear it.

What makes you late? Facebook. I just get lost on it. If I’m not 15 minutes early I’m 30 minutes late!

Xrays you’ve had- Just ones for teeth and sinuses and lungs and such. 25 and I’ve never broken a bone!

Yummy food that you make- I’m casserole queen and I can bake like no bodies biznas!

favorite Zoo animal- I really like the giraffes! Monkeys are fun too!

Your turn! Show me whatcha got!


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