.hello. if you really knew me

-you’d know I’m either 15 minutes early or 30 minutes late!
-you’d know I start things with the best of intentions, but I get bored very easily.
-you’d know I love my furbabies more than I love most people in my life. They are my world. My kids have 4 legs. 🙂
-you’d know if I’m not between a 7 and a 3 on the emotional scale, I’m crying (sloths!)
-you’d know I love Disney movies and watch a VHS tape from my childhood at least once a week!
-you’d know I’d do anything to see my friends smile
-you’d know that I have major anxiety and I panic at the drop of a hat
-you’d know that I have the greatest husband in the world. I’m married to my best friend.
you’d know party planning is pretty much my favorite thing ever
-you’d know I love being a photographer and I don’t want to get a ‘big girl’ job any time soon
-you’d know I’m a book worm and can put away a book in a matter of hours if left alone
-you’d know I’m dying for a pixie cut, but I’m worried my face is too fat/round to pull it off
-you’d know I detest the taste of coffee and coffee flavored things, but I love the smell of coffee grounds!
-you’d know that I hate hate hate scary movies and anything with gore and violence.
-you’d know that I want to have the house as cold as possible when I sleep, because even though I get crazy overheated, I have to have a blanket on top of me when I’m laying down.
-you’d know that I love Alice in Wonderland and everything associated with it! I collect copies of the book and my first daughter’s name will be Alice!

If I really knew you, what would I know?

A big thank you to Janelle for the inspiration for this post! You’re adorable! ❤


4 thoughts on “.hello. if you really knew me

  1. I am so the same way about the smell of coffee and sleeping with it super duper cold and cuddled under a blanket! I t was so super awesome to see you today! Love you!

  2. LOL! I don’t want a big girl job either, that’s why I’m trying to make this “blog thing” happen! Hahaha! And I don’t like scary movies, too! 🙂

  3. I did this today on my blog! Except I made it a little different and made it “If you really knew me… in high school.” Fun fun!

    I have a big girl job, kinda, but I don’t want it. I want to take pictures and make pretty things in photoshop and write blogs all day.

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