.hello. catching up

Hi guys! I’m still here! I promise! I let myself really slip this week but I promise I’ll be back on board on Monday! None of these quick ‘get to know me’ surveys, really honest to God interesting posts! I’ve got lots and lots to catch up on (included nearly 400 bloglovin posts! Oh my!) I had a 2 year old 3 days this week, a concert, and some photo sessions so I’ve been a busy little beaver! Tomorrow I have a baby shower and another photo session with 9 month old TWIN GIRLS! Love! Coming up next week I’ll be bragging telling you guys about the amazing time I had at the Tyler Hilton concert (lots of fabulous photos from that!), picking up some all natural cleaners and products to review from Natural Living Made Easy, sharing a Dark Knight Rises photo post from the midnight showing where my baby sister and her friend dressed up, throwing out a recipe or two, and giving you guys a little pick at Olive Photos, my photography business and baby. I’ll make sure it’s a great week to make up for this one! ūüôā I hope you all had such a¬†fantastic¬†week! I’m gonna leave you all with a photo of my little visitor from this past week! I¬†absolutely¬†adore babysitting. Having a child in the house just feels right. More on those plans as well! ‚̧


I just ADORE getting comments! I can't wait to read yours! Thank you so much for hanging out here with me!

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