.hello. Tyler Hilton concert

One random Saturday scrolling around on facebook and I stumble across my friend Ashlee’s page. She had a status asking if anyone remembered Chris Keller. OF COURSE I REMEMBER CHRIS KELLER! Hello, Tyler Hilton! Hello, One Tree Hill! That was my show back in high school. We would call each other before the show, so excited and predicting what would happen then call each other as soon it was over to dish on the night’s events. Those were the days. After I expressed my love of Tyler Hilton (he also played Elvis in Walk the Line if you sadly aren’t familiar with One Tree Hill) she messaged me and told me he would be playing a concert in ATL that Monday night! I was sold! We ended up being told general admission tickets were sold out so we had to purchase a table which was the price of 4 tickets. We tried and tried to sell the other 2 to friends but everyone who wanted to go had to work or couldn’t find a babysitter. It ended up working out perfectly!

Me and my dear beautiful Ashley outside of Eddie’s Attic in Decatur GA

We left town around 1:30 and headed to ATL determined to be the first in line with the best seats in the house. We got to Atlanta around 3:30. I was starving and we found this fantastic little shop next door- Sammiches and Stuff. It was really cute. It was in a vintage building and the inside was painted mint green and white. It didn’t fit with the theme of the shop, but man was the food good! We grabbed a couple of sandwiches, excuse me, SAMMICHES, and camped out on the stairs in front of the venue. First in line of course!

I had the Chicken Salad Croissant! It was wonderful! You should try it! Seriously!

While sitting there, munching away, who comes up but Tyler Hilton himself! A quick wave while he was on his phone and he was off to his car. Um… that just happened. Cool! A little while later 2 girls came up after making a last minute decision to see the show. What do you know! They don’t have tickets! Perfect, we have 2 more! So we made new friends and got our tickets taken care of. Soon after Tyler came back to go inside. I got a photo with him and he took a cell picture of Ashley’s tattoo that she got after her last concert. It said “Loaded Gun” signed by him which is one of his songs from his new album. After our little private meet and greet we went up stairs to hang out before the show and watch the sound check on the TV.

Our fantastic table mates, the inside of the venue, and me with Tyler Hilton before the concert!

Finally after what felt like forever they let us in to wait for the show. Since we were first in line and had a reserved table we got to choose our seats before anyone else. Let me just say, if I’d wanted to touch him, I would have been able to very easily! It was awesome! While waiting on the show to start, our table mates decided to order a really yummy looking brownie so Ashley and I checked out the menu and chose and order of the beignets. That was the best choice we’d made other than going to the show in the first place! Oh man! They were delish! If you are ever in the Atlanta area go check out Eddie’s Attic and order all the food you can handle! Everything is so fantastic! The venue is wonderful too! We were in the listening room and the set up was awesome! I can’t wait to go  check them out again. They have open mic nights and of course I’ll be dragging the hubby to check out one of those!

Ashley, Our Acorns that we got stamped proving we were over 21, Tyler at his shirt table, the stage from my seat, me with our reserved table listing, the almost world famous beignets, and the listening room rules

After a little while of a wait the show is on! The opening act, Corey Kent White was precious! He was a tender 17 year old country singer who won my heart with his rendition of The Beatles’ “Let it Be” and a song about veterans he wrote for his grandfather that made me choke up. He’s certainly someone to watch out for! The kid’s got a voice on him!

Corey Kent White- Check him out at http://soundcloud.com/corey-kent-white

And then came Tyler. Let me just say, he lived up to everything I loved as a teenager and everything I look for in an artist as an adult! He was funny and his music was very catchy and organic. He put on such a great show! It was a very intiment venue so we got to really get up close and personal with him. My new favorite song from him is Prince of Nothing Charming, but I’ve listened to the entire CD nonstop since the show! If he ever comes anywhere near you, I couldn’t recommend more to you to go! The tickets are cheap and the show is wonderful!

Tyler Hilton in Concert at Eddie Attic in Decatur GA on 7-16-12

All in all it was a fantastic girls night out! Awesome venue, fabulous music, new friends, and a high school heart throb walking around easily accessible most of the time. We’re already planning our next trip back! I can’t wait for my next concert! I forgot how much I missed them!

We had the BEST time!


6 thoughts on “.hello. Tyler Hilton concert

    • I know! He was so friendly too! Honestly one of the nicest ‘celebrities’ I’ve ever met. I just wish I knew what to say when I meet people like him. I always as something dumb. I’m not quick on my feet with it!

  1. I totally remember Tyler Hilton, too — I was a huge “One Tree Hill” fan in high school! And how cool to see Eddie’s Attic — John Mayer used to play there all the time when he was starting out. I know this because I’m a scary super fan, heh 🙂

    • Yes he did! Apparently Beiber got a start there as well! I’m not a fan but I read it online and thought it was really cool! They have a signed John Mayer Platinum record hanging over the door. If you are ever in the area and have a chance to go, you should! It’s an awesome venue!

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