.hello. friday’s letters (7-27-12)

Dear Chicken Spaghetti- Man oh man you were good. I’m already looking forward to the next time I make you, but I know I can’t eat spaghetti every day!  But if I could… it would be you! Dear Dawson’s Creek- I understand you came out in 1998 when I was at the tender age of 11 years old and at that time it would have been wildly inappropriate for me to watch you, but here at 25 you’ve just became my newest guilty pleasure. Dear Holiday Mini Sessions- I’m sorry I haven’t started working on you yet. I’m totally far behind. 2 local photographers have already set dates, posted the event, and fully booked. WOW! Talk about being on top of it. In my defense I don’t like rushing the year along. It has nothing to with me being lazy. 😉 Dear hubby- I’m so proud of you for rocking your paper and speech this week and I know you’re going to knock this test this weekend out of the park! The education program will be lucky to have you! Dear bank- Hire me. That is all. Dear Indie Gift Box- Please post your August boxes ASAP! I’m dying to get one! Dear Friday- I’m kinda ready for you to be over with so we can check out the grill off at the farmers market tomorrow morning! I think we’re going to have a great time! Dear Olympic Opening Ceremonies- I LOVED YOU! Especially the part focused on celebrating Children’s Literature and Socialized Healthcare, what England has said are two of the greatest things that have come out of their nation. We got to see the Queen of Hearts, Voldemort, and a ton of Mary Poppins’! AMAZING! I honestly choked up a little. Children’s Brit Lit has such a close place in my heart.Dear Kate and Queen- I squealed every time I saw you each on screen. You ladies are so fabulous!  Dear U.K- Save a place for me. I’ll be there someday! Dear Maw Maw- I can’t wait to spend tomorrow with you and all of our family celebrating your birth. I can’t think of one single person more worth celebrating. Thank you for being such an amazing inspirational woman for me to grow up watching. Thank you for being my biggest fan and best friend. To say I love you would never say enough. You are my world and I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my grandmother. You are beautiful, strong, wonderful, kind, loving, and I like to think I got my best points from you. We’re two of a kind, you and me. I pray I grow up to be half the mother with half the wisdom and strength you showed. Thank you for always making me feel loved and teaching me how to love in return. ❤ I adore you.


5 thoughts on “.hello. friday’s letters (7-27-12)

    • BB&T has a full time as well as 2 part time openings. I’ll be working side by side with Sam if I get it!
      You’d love the Chicken Spaghetti. LOVE IT!
      It’s a sad sad obsession. Seriously, I can’t get enough!

  1. First, I call my grandmother “Maw Maw,” too! I’ve never met a single other person with that nickname for their gram. (And my other grandmother is “Gram,” actually.) Awesome. I love the opening ceremony, too — and the UK! London is my favorite city in the whole world.

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