.hello. Sunday Social

I promising this blog isn’t going to turn into daily link ups. I swear it! I just love being social so when I saw this one, I couldn’t help but jumping on board! Plus, what is there better to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? ūüôā

1. Best trip you’ve ever been on:

You know, I’ve been to Disney and Universal several times, but the best trip I’ve ever been on was my second honeymoon I got a chance to take with my hubby this past April! We went to Gatlinburg TN for a few days and seriously had the most relaxing and love filled time! We went to the Titanic Museum (we got to be there on the 100th anniversary of the sinking) and saw the Dixie Stampede, stayed at a water park hotel, and ate until we were sick!!
2. Best idea for a girls weekend trip
Has Vegas been said too much? lol What about a nice weekend in the Hamptons. That’s sounded glorious to me since reading Something Borrowed! Much more my speed!
3. Best idea for a couples trip
Anywhere without a ton of people where you can just ‘find’ the two of you!
4. Best vacation on the cheap
I love staycations! A night at a nice hotel, swimming in an indoor pool, soaking in the hot tub, eating at a¬†restaurant¬†you normally wouldn’t go to all for little to no travel!
5. Place you most want to visit
¬†I want to go to England! I’ve always wanted to go and one day I will, and if all my dreams come true, one day it will be my home!
6. Vacation/Travel necessities
My camera is my number one! And shampoo! Hotels never have stuff for oily hair!

Thanks Jen for the link up alert! ūüôā


.hello. Sawyer Sunday

So since my littlest fur baby had surgery this week (Pork got his beans removed) I thought I’d share with you guys a post of ¬†the ridiculous adorableness that is my pet pig! Here he is…. SAWYER!

Sweet little cuddle bug!

Happy boy!

Pig in a blanket, anyone? (budumchi!)

RJ’s goofy phone edit, but truly I think Sam thinks Sawyer is his pet!

Samual, Sawyer, and Sabastian! 3 of my 4 boys! ‚̧

This is how I was catching up on blogs Friday night! He wasn’t feeling well and this is all he wanted to do. Ha!

I love my baby boy!

That’s all I really wanted to share! Bacon is recovering well from having his bits removed so we are very happy about that! I was one panicked momma! I couldn’t sleep the night before so I was up at 1am making my no-bake cookies for the vet and his nurses. They enjoyed them very much! After we dropped him off we went to grab some lunch and found a fantastic little cafe in Piedmont where his vet is. It was called the Solid Rock Cafe. I wish I’d taken some shots but I really didn’t think about it at the time. I had the salad plate and got pasta salad, chicken salad, and potato salad. Anyone who knows me knows that was pretty much heaven on a plate in my opinion! Ran got a BBQ chicken salad that was fantastic. They also had coffees and ice cream and¬†sandwiches and everything was super affordable! We will be back! He still hadn’t been taken back when we got done with lunch so we drove over to my Mother in Law’s house and took and fantastic nap till it was time to pick him up. I was so¬†exhausted¬†after only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before and we both slept like a rock. He didn’t cry when we picked him up from the vet and he was alert the whole drive home. We were really shocked at how well he took the whole ordeal! He was eating and jumping around (as much as I tried to stop him from doing so) and playing until that night. He crashed out pretty hard then the next day (Friday) he was going 90 to nothing all day and that night he just wanted to be in my lap or in my arms. It was really difficult to get anything done, but really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Those 4 are my kids. 4 legs or not, they’re my babies and I’m crazy about them. I hope you enjoyed your little peek at my precious piggy! He is certainly living up to my dream pet standards. What was your dream pet? Did your dream ever come true?

.hello. sharpie dinnerware

As I explained in our wedding date post, the hubby and I follow the traditional gifting timeline when it comes to our wedding anniversary. This year was cotton but since we were too strapped for cash to go all out on presents we decided to get creative and use the Alternative gift, which is china. We decorated each other a coffee mug (well, tea for me!) and then inscribed our wedding vows on a plate to be hung in our kitchen! This whole project was super fun, super cheap, and super sentimental!

Now I’ve seen sharpie mugs all over pinterest but I saw it on A Beautiful Mess the day before our anniversary and knew it’s what we had to do! All you need is a sharpie (I used black because it’s what I had on hand, but you can use whatever tickles your fancy!) and¬†porcelain¬†dinnerware you want to decorate. We actually found our cups and plate at the Dollar Tree so all in all this whole project cost us $3.30!

Draw on your dishes how ever you please, then bake them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350! Ran kinda went all out on his mug, drawing a (surprisingly accurate) ¬†picture of himself with his hand on his head saying “I hear you like it hot!” Nerd. lol I went a little more simple on my design. Oh one side it says “You are my home” and on the other is a line from our first dance song. Pretty sweet, huh?

For the plate I took our wedding vows (which are honestly the GREATEST wedding vows of all time!) and just wrote them around,¬†spiraling¬†them into our wedding date in the center and we both signed and dated the back. My handwriting is the pits, but I’m sure someone with better handwriting would have dishes that look out of this world!

It’s important to remember that these dishes are HAND WASH ONLY! Sorry, guys, no getting out by using the dishwasher. ¬†If you put them in the dishwasher the design will come off.¬†Hand washing¬†doesn’t seem to budge the design at all though! Just be cautious! Also, if you make a mistake while decorating, have no fear! Grab some rubbing¬†alcohol, a Q-tip, and some toilet paper. Use the Q-tip dipped in the alcohol to erase your mistake then use the paper to wipe it off! Super easy! These would make great affordable Christmas gifts, just personalize each one, or party favors! Try it, then link back here and show me what you did!

.hello. friday letters (7-13-12)

My sad attempt at a self portrait. I have really short arms!

Dear Husband-Thank you for the last 7 years of happiness and making our 2 year wedding anniversary this week so special! You’re my best friend and I adore you! Dear Sawyer- Mommy is so sorry she had to get your bits taken off. I swear it was for your own good. I am so proud at how strong and brave you are being! You are really easing my mind about our choice! You’re such a big boy! Dear Dr. Berry– I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of my baby boy and thank you for having a fantastic staff who was so kind to me¬†in spite¬†of me freaking out! Dear Sun- I know I probably complained about you during the heatwave, but I’m a little sick of rain so, see you soon, okay? Dear Friends- I miss you and I demand girls night ASAP! I know we’re all ‘busy’ but never too busy for each other! Dear Samual– I’m so glad you got a haircut, but my word son, you have the biggest ears I’ve ever seen. I worry you just didn’t grow into them, but we were told when you were little if we didn’t clip them they’d be as big as a donkey…. sorry about that. You’re SO cute though! I promise, my precious little bat dog! ūüôā¬†¬†Dear Sabastian- Oh, my sweet little love bug, how I adore you. We’re taking to you the vet in the next couple of weeks to have surgery on your ear. It’s hard for me, but I know you’ll be fine. I can’t believe you’ll be 7 next month. You’re my baby and my old man all at once! Dear everyone, my readers, my FB followers, my tweeter followers- You guys ROCK! You have no idea how much each view, each comment, means to me. We’re a tiny little blog, but you’ve been so receptive of me! Thank you for welcoming me into the blogosphere so warmly! Dear Fellow Bloggers- I really don’t know how you do it. You are all super human to have the time and creativity to grow your blogs like you do! ¬†I’m reading, I’m commenting, I’m writing, but I don’t know how I’ll ever keep up! You ladies are beautiful and interesting and I am so enjoying getting small glances into your lives! You’re inspiring! Thank you!

.hello. 2 years

Yesterday my dear hubby, RJ, and I celebrated 2 years of marriage! I just want to take a moment to express how grateful I am for this man. He truly is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. He is my best friend and the last 7 years have been the biggest adventure with him in my life. Okay, enough mushiness! ūüôā

I love this man SO much!

Thanks to ‘restructuring’ with the hubby’s job and¬†ridiculous¬†heat that people don’t want to be out taking pictures in, we were broke as a joke this year! All that means is that we had to get creative! We cashed in our piggy bank at coinstar and had a whopping $25 to spend on a fun filled day together!

Yes, I did get weird looks while taking pictures at the coinstar!

We bought some things for a picnic and cooked oven baked chicken fingers, broccoli with cheese, strawberries, watermelon, and cookies to take with us up to Cheaha Mountain! It was yummy! We were actually out running a severe thunderstorm warning, but we are the type to let that get in the way of plans! We had a blast! We ate and then we went to the tower which is the highest point in Alabama. It’s really cool up there. Getting to be up there when it was raining down below was really cool to see as well. On our way back down the mountain we saw a deer! It was so awesome! RJ slammed on the breaks and was like LOOK! He knows exactly what excites me. lol

Isn’t that deer the coolest thing ever? I got so excited!


The highest point in Alabama! Isn’t the tower beautiful?

After we came down from the mountain we went to have coffee at Joe Muggs where we met inside Books A Million 7 years ago. It’s crazy to me to think we’ve been together for 7 years now. Since a week after I graduated high school. I’d gone in to purchase a book (The Outsiders) for an audition I had coming up in community theater and RJ was my cashier. We just chatted for a moment at the¬†registrar¬†and a few days later we found each other on Myspace (7 years ago, remember!). I added him as a friend and he messaged me. We sent emails back and forth and I gave him my number. He called me and we’d talk for hours. In fact, the night before our first day he called me about 7 that night and we were on the phone until 5 the next morning and we were leaving at noon to drive all the way to¬†Montgomery to see a show at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. We had a wonderful first date, but I actually fell asleep on the way home. It must have worked in my favor though because here we are 7 years later, married, 4 furbabies, a house, and a wonderful life!

When doing anniversary gifts, RJ and I follow the traditional gifting system. Last year for our 1 year anniversary the gift was paper. I gave him boudoir photos and he had his wedding vows put into our local paper for me. We missed out on the chance to have our announcement in the paper the year before so it was really really special!

This year the gift theme is ‘cotton’. We haven’t actually given one another gifts yet, simply because our money has been tied up other places, but when I saw that the alternate gift was china I knew what I wanted us to do! I’ve seen the sharpie mugs all over pinterest and I knew it would be the perfect little anniversary project to do together. So while we were watching The Princess Bride and eating popcorn we each decorated a coffee mug for the other person and we inscribed a plate with our wedding vows! Perfect! I love how they turned out and they are super sentimental! I’ll post a how to blog this week so stay tuned!

At the end of the night, right before bed, we watched our wedding video. I cannot get through it without crying. It’s such a wonderful memory. The ceremony was so perfect and so us. Our vows, our readings, the music, it was us. I love it. It didn’t go as planned, and looking back there are details I’d loved to have changed, and I am planning a vow renewal for our 5 year anniversary, but the one thing that I wouldn’t change is the words that were said and the man I said them to. I married my best friend that day and I wouldn’t change a moment of that!

.hello. blog summit

Oh wow, guys! Have any of you fellow bloggers heard about the Alt Blog Summit? I’ve been looking for a blog conference or class but sadly on my small budget I haven’t been able to afford to go. As a newbie I think I could really benefit from classes. Well thanks to Bing we have the¬†opportunity¬†to check out these fabulous classes for only $15! What?!?!? If you know me you know I love a good deal, and these are a steal!

I really want to take






I love all the classes! I wish I could afford to take every one of them! They also have classes on learning your DSLR and working with photoshop,¬†illustrator, ect… to help make your blog¬†uniquely¬†you! ¬†Here is best part!!! You can have a chance to take a couple of classes for free. That’s even MORE budget friendly! A huge thank to Bing for this opportunity!!¬†Here¬†it is in specific detail. Hurry up before your favorite classes pass you by! I can’t wait to see which classes you chose!

.hello. weekend links

Showing off a little of my hubby’s picture taken skills! He shoots a Canon AV-1 cira 1979 and this was shot with Kodacolor gold100 that expired in 1991. If you can’t tell, they’re a pretty musical family.

Well, here we are at Monday and sadly the weekend is over. Boo! This weekend was pretty low key for us. RJ went to Tennessee for a family reunion! Missing that really was the worst thing ever, but we have friends and family trained to babysit everyone except for Sawyer. I mean, he’s easy, but you add a pig into an equation and people get a little nervous. I won’t miss the next one though, even if I take him with me! Being in Tennessee with that side of RJ’s family really is my happy place. Every moment is full of love and family, music and long talks full of encouragement. I’ve so very blessed with such wonderful in laws!

I have to show off a shot of my handsome hubby. ‚̧

RJ left Friday afternoon and came back Saturday night, just in time to make it to a surprise party for a friend of ours who graduated nursing school! *Congrats, Mark!!* We were both so excited to see Mark and Laura again, celebrate this exciting time for them, and most importantly meet their precious twin girls! We had a great dinner then went back to their house to be treated to a pretty awesome jam session from the guys while we girls played a pretty mean game of Phase 10. The game didn’t end until nearly 2 am (and Laura punked out early, just sayin!) and Ran and I went home and slept until mid afternoon yesterday. It was wonderful!
I babysat a friend of mine’s son yesterday. RJ and I both had a blast keeping Ace for the day! ¬†We played at the park and watched Phinneas and Ferb (twice!), had a nummy toddler friendly dinner, and he passed out watching Rugrats. It’s was pretty stinkin awesome. I love babysitting. Having kids around the house just feels like it’s suppose to. I can’t wait to be a mother of my own children. We start the IUI process in September so hopefully it’ll happen by the end of the year! I’m ready for this two year journey to come to a close for a while. ūüôā

Ace says “Live long and prosper!”

I hope you all and a long and wonderful weekend and hopefully the next one doesn’t take too long to show up! Only 7 more days till Saturday! ūüôā I thought I’d share a few fun little links while you pass the time until then!

I’ve been looking for a tweak on my blog design, because, while I love it, it’s rather bland. I’m so excited I ran across Whisky Tango Foxtrot’s blog and design! Her stuff is so simple yet colorful and perfect for .hello. lj! ¬†Can’t wait to get a little extra money so I can get started with her!

Have you ever tried these candles? If not, you simply MUST! They are my favorite things in the world! I burn these 2 scents together and it makes my house smell amazing! Here and Here

Check out this little snooter! He’s almost as cute as Sawyer! We are obviously behind on trick training! Gotta get on that!

How adorable is this new sign from Impressions by Brittany??

Speaking of Facebook, does this come in my size?

We had a fair in the parking lot of our mall this past week. If it had looked like this I would have never left!

Speaking of facebook and pictures, you should go add my photography page!

If that rabbit was grey and that pig had black spot on the top of his nose, I would blow that  up and make living room wall paper out of it. Now to figure out how to add a mini schauzer and a maltipoo to it!

Ever since Katie posted about this place I have NOT been able to get it off my mind! I have to take a trip soon!

I love hearing about positive parenting and experiences with it, check out this post on promoting positive behaviors!

I’m sorry, a blogger that took our most high butter queen, Paula Deen recipes and made them HEALTHY?! Yes please!

How to date your spouse! Genius!!

We are *eventually* redoing our bathroom, you have GOT to check out our inspiration for our countertops! I couldn’t love it more!! ¬†It’s a fabulous little DIY!

And finally, in case you missed it before you need to go make the No bake cookies I made for 4th of July! We’ve gone through 2 batches in a week!

.hello. 4th of July roundup (and a recipe!)

We had quite the wonderful¬†Independence¬†Day this year! We spend the afternoon at my Mother’s eating with my family and spending hours in my sister’s bedroom talking about makeup. It doesn’t get much better than that! After that RJ and I went home and got ready to have our friends over for firework fun! ¬†We had a blast (bud um chi!) playing with the sparklers, which are the only things I’ll touch, while the boys blew up the big guns! I have to share some awesome firework shots with you! I love them!

Annnd, in honor of my dear friend Katie at Hems for Her¬†a little outfit post to go along with the fireworks. I did photos for her fashion blog on Sunday and I had the best time! If you are ¬†looking for inspiration from a curvy fashionista who is super budget friendly you have GOT to check her out, and check out her 4th of July post with my photos! ¬†So at my Mother’s I wanted to go ¬†a little patriotic, but I couldn’t find the dress I had planned on wearing. I wasn’t super comfortable in this outfit, but it did it’s job, and the blue eyeshadow rounded out my lunch look!

When we got home, I quickly changed into something more firework friendly. I knew I’d be sitting on the ground trying to get firework shots so a white dress just wouldn’t do. Not to mention, that jacket was killing me and that belt just wasn’t breathe worthy! Ha! So I threw on a tee shirt, rolled up my jeans (that I’ve undergrown a bit, woot woot!), and put on my new shoes from my fabulous mother in law that are seriously some of the most comfortable things I’ve ever put my feet in! It’s like walking with my feet wrapped in pillows. Oh yeah!

Usually when we have friends over we go all out and everyone brings food, chips, dips, whatever. Well, seeing as we’re all broke as a joke, this was not going to be one of those times. I wanted to have something on hand ¬†just in case anyone needed something yummy though. My mom had store bought no bakes that morning and I had one, and by the time I got home I NEEDED another one. When I looked up the recipe online I realized not only did I have everything on hand, but they were so SUPER easy! I’ve never made them before, but they’re pretty much fool proof! I knew I had to share them with you guys!



  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 tablespoons cocoa
  • 1 stick butter
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup peanut butter (I use extra crunchy so I have yummy peanut crunch in the cookies)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 3 cups oatmeal
  • Waxed paper

In a heavy saucepan bring to a boil, the sugar, cocoa, butter and milk. Let boil for 3 minutes then add peanut butter, vanilla and oatmeal. On a sheet of waxed paper, drop mixture by the teaspoonfuls, until cooled and hardened. I use a cookie scoop so all the cookies are the same size and they only take about 20-30 mins to harden at most!

So easy, so yummy! You’ve got to try them!

Go ahead. Eat them now, feel guilty later!


How did you celebrate 4th of July? Do you have any no bake cookies that are a must try? ¬†I can’t wait to hear from you!