.hello. current me (August)

Loving: The time I’ve gotten to spend with some of our close friends lately. I am also loving how motivated I’ve been to cook at home and clean my kitchen. That was one thing we’ve struggled with for a long long time. We ate out all the time and just threw money away by doing so and our dishes would pile up to the point I’d get so overwhelmed I wouldn’t even go into the room. Over the last month cooking and cleaning have really been a joy for me. It gives me a since of accomplishment I didn’t know it would and I really feel like I’m taking care of my family which is always a great feeling. I’m also loving the time I’m getting babysitting Ace. It just feels right having a baby in our house. I’m ready for our own to make an appearance. 🙂

Reading: Okay, okay. No judgement from you! I’m still working on last months book. It would be the quickest, easiest read, but it was the first read on my Kindle and I just can’t do it. I don’t know why it takes me so much longer. I can usually devour any book in a matter of a couple of days at most, but I find myself disinterested in reading when I’m on it. I guess because it feels like another screen I’m on and I mostly work from my computer so it just feels like another job. I did just buy Bared To You because I heard it was a great follow up after you read 50 shades. I haven’t started it yet though. I’ll review it once I’m done.

Watching: Dawson’s Creek. Oh my word. I was 11 when the show came out so I never got into it. I’d never seen an episode until I was at my friend Laura’s house a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m half way through season 3 and if I don’t get a couple of episodes in a day, I get super antsy. It’s so bad it’s grand! It’s so dramatic and annoying and I LOVE it! BTW, I married Dawson in case you are wondering, but instead of movies mine is obsessed with computers and electronics. Otherwise, personality wise, they are one in the same.

Thinking about: Sabastian’s ear. My eldest son (My 7 year old Maltipoo) has a hematoma in his ear and he needs surgery to correct it. That’s all fine and dandy but at his age and in his health we are terrified to put him under anesthesia. It has to be done to correct the problem, but honestly I’m not sure how worth it it would be to correct if there is a chance he wouldn’t wake up. It’s a big decision. One I feel like I’m too close to the situation to make, but never the less we have to do something. He’ll be going to the vet this week. Prayers please! 🙂

Anticipating: Well, we’re suppose to be starting the IUI process in September but I don’t know yet if that’s going to happen. It all depends on when RJ goes to the doctor and if we can get him fixed up in a timely manner. If it does happen though, that is what I’m most anticipating.

Listening to: A lot of Tyler Hilton. His CD has not left my car since the concert. It’s just so easy going, breazy, and catchy. I love it!

Working on: A financial budget and monthly meal plan. We need to get on top of things and see where all of our money is going. It feels like the second we get paid it’s straight out the door and we have nothing to show for it. No more! I want to know where every dime is going so it can be accounted for and we can start saving for the things we want instead of being able to only afford the things we need. I also don’t want to wake up everyday wondering what to cook for dinner. My goal is to plan 31 different meals for the entire month and buy groceries for them all so I can mix and match days and we never have to wonder what we’re in the mood for or what’s going on the table that night. Does anyone have any budgeting or meal planning tips? I’ve been getting really inspired by the posts over at Blissful and Domestic! She shops once a month for everything they need that entire month AND they live on only 14,000 a year! AMAZING! Truly amazing. Such an inspiration!

There were more hours in the day. There are so many people I’d like to see, so many things I’d like to do, and so many places I’d like to go, but alas it feels like every day is booked solid with no time for it. Also wishing for you guys to have a fantastic month of August. I’m sure it will fly by like the past 7 months have this year. HOW are we in August already? Wow!

Thank you to Danielle for the inspiration to the currently posts! You rock!


5 thoughts on “.hello. current me (August)

  1. That monthly meal plan sounds like a great idea! and 14,000 omg! That could mean alot of money being saved towards me a house!!

    • It is SO dramatic! lol I can’t believe there was ever a point in my life where EVERY little thing mattered that much, but I know it happened and everyone spends their teenage years at that point.

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