.hello. the magic of theatre

I have an audition tonight for Peter Pan the musical! I’m nervous because I’ve been sick since last week and my voice is completely gone, but I can only do the best I can. I really want the part of Mrs. Darling. For me, she is the picture perfect mother. I’ve found her enchanting since I was small child. Her soft nature and steadfast loyalty to her children shows her to be a lovely English lady with underlining strength that sets her apart. I adore her. I started acting in front of crowds when I was 9 years old and before that I’d put on plays in the solidarity of my own bed room. In middle school I played Portia Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in high school I was awarded the part of The Queen of Hearts in the stage production of Alice in Wonderland. That is where I fell in love with community theater. In college I played Raina Petkoff in George Bernard Shaw’s Arms in the Man and I was also in Suessical the Musical! After college I took a break from theater for a while, (5 years to be exact) before I found CharACTers Entertainment in Rainbow City. I was working a modeling camp where I met Santana, the VP and dance instructor for the group. I ended up doing her engagement photos where I met Cody Carlton. CharACTers’ director. When they told me Beauty and the Beast auditions where just around the corner I knew I had to be there.
Beauty and the Beast was SUCH an amazing experience for me. Getting back on stage after 5 years was such a rush. I remembered why I fell in love all those years ago. When I was 8 years old I saw a production of Beauty in the exact same venue we were preforming in. It was there I knew I had to do that too. It was symbolic of me to get back on stage in the show that sparked the love 16 years before. Acting is in my bones. It’s something about me I’ll never truly be able to get away from. You work so hard for months to bring a show to perfection, then on opening night to hear the stir of the crowd, to see the laughter, the tears, to hear the roar of the applause at the end of the night, to be gifted a standing ovation, it’s an addiction. You just want to do better the next night. Make them laugh louder, make them cry more, make them clap harder, inspire someone else to get up on that stage the next time.
After Beauty closed we immediately began working on Legally Blonde the Musical in which I played Enid Hoopes! Enid was such a fun role! She was my first time playing comic relief and it was a joy! It sounds odd but mostly enjoy playing the villain. It’s so truly out of who I am. The Queen of Hearts has been my favorite role so far. She was so over the top! I truly hope I get to reprise that role one day! Ursula in The Little Mermaid is a dream role for me as well. (Can you tell I love Disney?!) As is Lucy Van Pelt in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.
Tonight I will be focusing on Mary Darling. Peter Pan is my all time favorite stage show. It’s so enchanting and magical! Ran and I went to see it at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival for Christmas a few years back. I was surrounded by children, but when Tinkerbell died, I was the one crying. When we were all clapping and trying to bring her back, I was on the edge of my seat chanting “I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!” and clapping loudest of all. I didn’t care. The show moves me. There is something so special about never growing up. About never letting yourself get jaded. About always keeping that child’s spirit inside of you. That is the magic of theatre.


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