.hello. neverland

You can just call me Curly! Lost boy of Neverland! Cast list came back this past week and we had our read through and first rehearsal. Life is about to get very very busy, but oh the fun we’re gonna have! The songs seem easy, the characters are fun, the script is gonna get there when we bring it to life. I got to hear RJ sing as a pirate and man oh man was he great! I’m so proud! I’ll keep you guys updated on the journey as we go through it the best I can!

Tomorrow we’re going to the zoo with the bestie and her husband (after we go to the farmers market of course!)! I’m going to wear one of the fabulous dresses I found thrifting today. I racked up on dresses at the thrift store! I found a brand new with tags Oleg Cassini sun dress reg $128.00 and I got it for 6 bucks! I also found a dress simple grey dress from Gap with the sweetest folded simple bottom, a grey one from American Eagle that is strapless with the most amazing trim and boudoir bodice (it’s going to look amazing with a jean jacket!), a beautiful black strapless one from Menora that would look amazing at a wedding or even dressed down with the right shoes and jewelry, and one from Old Navy that is just like one I got years ago that I wore OUT! And all for under $20! It’s the best thrift day I’ve had in a while!

So anyway, I know this was quick and I promise I won’t go this long without a post again. It’s just been busy and I’ve got to get a chance to organize my thoughts out enough to blog about them! HA!


I just ADORE getting comments! I can't wait to read yours! Thank you so much for hanging out here with me!

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