.hello. yard crasher

Leave it to me and Ran to be the last ones this time of year getting anything done. We buck trends. Why work on your yard when at the beginning of the summer when you can enjoy it? Nah! Not us! We’ll wait til the end when it’s literally so out of control it nearly kills us. lol This past week RJ’s gran had the NICEST tree guys to come out and cut down 3 dead trees in our backyard that have been threatening us miniceningly for going on 3 years now to fall on our house. One bad storm and we would have been an insurance claim. So after the trees came down and with a huge storm coming in a couple of days something just HAD to be done. Now let me just say, most people can cut their grass and it not be an issue in the slightest. We are not those people. We are the people who when you drive through our neighborhood people are like, GEEZE! They need to cut their grass, then follow it up with, my GOD that’s a big hill! You see, our yard is not a yard at all. It is a cliff. Literally the top part of our yard is flat and then it just drops off to this awful hill bank thing that can only be gotten with a weedeater. It’s pulling teeth to get RJ to work on it.
We are the kind of people who to get us to get anything at all done, a fire has to be put under our butts. Grandmother came over today and did just that. Let me just say I’m not a yard girl by any means. My mother LOVES to work in the yard. It’s probably her favorite thing in the world. Ran’s mom is the same way. We did not get those genes. In fact, we don’t go outside unless we have to. Hence our Casper likeĀ appearances. She brought over all the goods and Ran knocked the yard out in a few hours. We have what she calls ‘Privet” bushes (I call them bushes from the depths of hell) that line our entire fence and she was determined we knock them out. These bushes are thick at the base and grow out TALL and wild and crazy. There is no trimming them up. There is no taming them. They are everywhere and they get huge. There has been one on the corner of our house in the back since we bought the house going on 3 years ago. It took up a good half of the back of the house, covered two windows to our bedroom, one on either side, and stretched around the side making that side rarely used and often forgotten. I asked her, if we’re doing this, could we please get that one down first. So. We. Did. And it was amazing. Not only can I see a whole new part of my yard and that awful thing is gone, but the feeling of accomplishment and instant gratification was quite fantastic! I’m actually excited about finishing the other ones! I’m just so glad that big one is GONE!

Isn’t it huge and awful?! This is only half of it. I forgot to take a before picture before we started hacking into it.

TIMBER! When that thing fell it was such a great feeling!

I hated that huge ugly thing!

SO much better! I can actually see the forgotten part of our yard!

Now, I’m going to share with you in these photos, probably the ugliest outside of a house of any lifestyle blogger you’ve seen. I mean, we’re suppose to have cool houses filled with lots of projects and craftiness, and I do somewhat, but I’ve always hated the outside of our house so much, that I just let it to crap. I’m so uninspired with the place and when I’m not motivated, I just won’t do anything about it. I hate that about myself, but it’s the truth. Maybe you guys can give me some tips on some ‘curb appeal’ and I’ll keep you guys updated on the (slow slow) progress we’re trying to make. We’re about to extend out the driveway to the side of our fence so we have more parking areas and you simply must excuse our hoarder-esqe carport. We had to get everything our of our off site storage building very quickly and it all just ended up there. Keep in mind, I’m a crafter and a photographer and the props I have out there are huge. I’m also a hoarder. lol We’re currently in the market for a building for our backyard. When we bought the place we were lucky enough to get a house with a huge cement pad out back perfect for a building…. just no building on it. We have no storage in the house (seriously, no attic, no basement, no workshop, no closed in garage, not even a pantry. NO storage) and we are literally busting at the seems so it’s become quite the family emergency. Once that little issue gets solved though, it will no longer be an issue, and we can stop being ‘those’ neighbors!

Gotta have a sexy yard hair shot! Have we established yet that I have no shame?

What is your favorite part of working in the yard? Any landscaping tips? What projects have given you a total awesome feeling of accomplishment?


I just ADORE getting comments! I can't wait to read yours! Thank you so much for hanging out here with me!

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