.hello. short hair for a round face

So it’s that time again. It’s September so it’s time for the biggest make it or break it style decision of the season. Hair cut and color. I went shopping with my mother in law this week to work on my look for fall, and I knew I needed something easy to throw on, comfortable to work in, but that I could make work for client or vendor meetings. I decided to focus on a lot of structure, with trouser jeans, camis, cardigans, and belts to form the staples of my wardrobe and using things like scarves to tie colors together and dress a look up. I focused on a lot of neutrals as bases and jewel tones for my sweaters and cardigans. I also got a black high waisted skirt by Daisy Fuentes that not only looks flattering, but makes me feel sexier than I ever have in clothes before! I can’t wait to show it off to you guys! I’m getting some new headshots and photos together for my website so you’ll be seeing the look soon enough! For makeup, I’m channeling my inner Katie Holmes circa 2002-2003 (have I mentioned my obsession with Dawson’s Creek lately?) and going with a matte face, neutral eyes, deep blush, and berry colored lips. Very easy, very classic, and very easy to pair up with anything else. But the last and final piece to my fall look is the hair.

On to the entire point of this blog. The hardest part about finding a look for me, is my hair. It is flat and thin and overall, very blah. I keep it short because it gives it some sort of body and more often than not, I like my hair to look ‘messy’. This is because I’m lazy. I hate using heat tools on my hair, not to mention I’m not very good at it in the first place, but my hair is stick straight and will NOT hold a curl, so I can a) straighten it smooth and curl it under, or b) use a TON of product and mess it up like I just slept on it (which lasts oh….. 20 mins?). Not fun. Not versatile. But classic. As long as I don’t get the itch to perm it again, I doubt I’ll ever look back at my photos and think “What on EARTH was up with my hair?!??!” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my bad hair styles (remember that perm I mentioned…). I did the finger in a light socket flip, and the chopped off to my ears gappyness, but over all it’s always been the same. Straight, to my shoulders (or slightly above or below), side part, side bangs. BORING, but more than likely what I’ll be doing tomorrow as well. While looking over hairstyles I always go back to my good old standbys. Kelly Clarkson and Mandy Moore. The two styles I’m bringing in tomorrow are these (no that’s not Mandy, that’s Rose. First time for her photo to meet my hairdresser!):

I know a lot of women with round faces try to make their face appear thinner with their haircuts. I personally love having a round face (I mean, my cheeks are simply precious) but I do give my face definition when applying my makeup. I suppose it’s all in personal preferences. I’m going to to have to embrace my hair thinness (oh if that thinness could just spread everywhere else!), but I hate layers so hopefully dear Bethany can help me out with that one. The think I like about Kelly’s cut here, is that while thin and smooth it doesn’t look flat, but it doesn’t have a ton of body to it either. It looks professional, but with the right kind of product and some time with some heat rollers, I’m sure a messy and tousled look wouldn’t be hard to achieve at all.

One style that I am obsessed with and I absolutely adore and plan on getting tomorrow are ultra short side bangs. Oh man! I love them!  They’re so vintage, yet fresh to me! The remind me of pinup girls from long ago, yet at the same time, they feel modern and hip. I can’t get enough of them. We went to see Mirror Mirror in theaters (which is a very cute movie, by the way!) and I could barely focus on the film because every 2 mins I had to lean over to my husband and express how precious Lily Collin’s bangs were. I was hooked! (Yes there are 2 photos of Lily in this one, so sue me, she’s beautiful!)

As far as the color goes, I was able to obtain my dream hair color ONCE and only once. I have no idea how it happened or why we can’t seem to get my hair to settle into it again, but it was the prettiest red that you ever did see. I’ll bring the photo in again tomorrow, and again, I’ll probably be disappointed that it doesn’t look like it used to (also bare in mind my hair was halfway down my back, holding curl like it never has before, and I was probably a good 60 lbs lighter, so really the color isn’t where the bitterness comes from. Ah, to be thin again!)

I know. We’re hot right? Sigh. One day, skinny me, one day I’ll see you again!

I’m so desperate to get this color back, if I need my hair stripped and bleached to achieve it, I’m fine with that. I also say that, because I’m not at all worried about damaging my hair. I mean, it’s as oily as it comes, so drying it out has never been a concern. I’m lucky that way I suppose! I’m not sure when Drew Barrymore went red, but I’m pretty sure she channeled her inner me when she did. I mean, it’s PERFECT! The color, the highlights, everything. I want highlights tomorrow. I mean, I want obvious highlights. Not just peek a boo ones, or ones here and there, I mean, “hey, look at her highlights’ highlights. I feel like creative professionals (okay, here I’m talking about hair stylist and photographers) always have obvious highlights and low lights. I know I’m probably crazy for this, but you rarely see them with just one flat color. I don’t want one flat color either! I want people to look at me and say “Hey! I love her hair! The color, the cut, the highlights, and the short bangs all scream amazingly creative and hot photographer!” Every one of them. lol Of course, I’m kidding, but I do want my outside to reflect my personality inside and right now, I just feel boring and blah. Check out these sassy reds and some very chunky and obvious highlights!

In the process of writing this, it’s helped me talk out with myself exactly the looks I want, so for the final collage of the night, you get my picks that I’ll be bringing to dear sweet Bethany tomorrow! And my final choices are……

Who didn’t see those coming? lol This is the latest photo of me taken a couple of weeks ago, but for traditions sake I’ll take another at the shop while getting it done. Fingers crossed it turns out just perfectly! I guess you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you?

Big fat huge shout out to my dear friend Joel over at J Price photography for this fantastic shot! I have a matching one of the hubby. I’m framing them for our bedroom! 🙂 Check him out at http://www.facebook.com/J.PricePhotos

Do you have any tips for short, straight, flat hair? How long does it take you to decide what you want when you get a new cut?


7 thoughts on “.hello. short hair for a round face

  1. HI Hellow,

    We have the same rounded face and oh my we have the same haircut style too 🙂 i just cut yesterday….. and I love it very much it makes me look fresh and young…. 🙂

  2. This post was fun! I love seeing hair inspiration photos and now I’m looking forward to seeing how yours turns out! I don’t usually plan too much when it comes to my hair. I change it on a whim; when I think of something, I have to do it ASAP. I almost never make a hair appointment more than a day or two in advance. I’ve always been that way. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sam! I actually forgot I was getting my hair cut today until about midnight last night so I was scrambling to figure out exactly what I wanted. This blog really helped me talk myself through it though! Awesome!
      The finished product is perfect! The color is a perfect cinnamon copper and the cut is just what I wanted and SO easy to maintain. My idea of ‘styling’ my hair is brushing it when I get out of the shower so we’ll see how long I can keep it looking sleek and sexy! 🙂

  3. Girl, you’ve got your fall planned out! I love it!!! ANd I am dying to see your new cut. That Lily girl is GORGEOUS, and I too am a fan of the baby bangs (all the way back to “High Fidelity” and John Cusack’s girlfriend). Show a picture! Show a picture!!!

    • I knew you’d approve on my fall preplanning! 🙂 Baby bangs! That’s what they’re called! That makes me love them even more! lol There is a photo up on FB, but I’m going to get some actual good shots for the blog! They’ll be up this week!

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