.hello. home makeover: living room edition

This is another one of those blogs that I show a lot of eye candy from other places in order to talk out the project in my head so I can perfect it on ‘paper’.

I was recently told I have the ugliest couch in the world. Yep. Ugliest, in the world. Here’s its story. I found a chair (so ugly it’s adorable) at the thrift store for a mere $15. It was boxy and oh so seventies and FLORAL! Oh I was in love! I knew it had to have a place in my life so I had to find it a place in my home. I originally intended to use it as an extra sitting chair in my office, but when I went back 2 days later and found the matching couch for $35, I knew it was fated to be in my living room. You see, I reasoned with myself that every newly married couple has to work their way up in the furniture world, and most get passed down ugly patterned couches and chairs. Most are brown and orange with (what I think are) cabins and owls on them. I know this, because my grandmother had that set, and I’ve seen it in newly married friends homes as well, SO I was going to nip our ugly couch problem in the bud before we ever even had the chance to get one. I mean, before someone could pass us down the brown and orange, I’d beat them too it and claim ugly on our terms! And our terms just happened to be this fabulous teal, blue, and green floral boxed beauty! (This couch is very similar in style to ours and I just love what they did with it in their room!) Again, so ugly, it’s adorable. Yes, I’ve always known anyone who comes to our house doesn’t get as giddy over it as I do, but it’s so my style and right up my vintage grandma alley! The cherry was put on top of the cake when my mother called me letting me know my couch and chair were on the episode of Sanford and Son she was watching…. Yep. Good ol Fred bought the set new and he loved his as much as I loved mine! Now HOW am I suppose to be expected to give up on something that is a piece of television history?! My mother in law isn’t quite as keen on the relic as I am and has insisted that we get a new couch.

While going couch shopping, I thought I’d have a difficult time finding just what I was looking for. Something comfortable, yet very square. Neutral, yet easily punched up with the right throw pillows. And more than anything durable against the slew of animals we have, a very accident and mess prone husband, and a wife that demands to eat various drippy and crumbly things when blogging while watching Dawson’s Creek.

I love the thought of a neutral couch with punches of color and texture thrown in with throw pillows and accessories!

When I first started couch shopping a couple of years ago, I came across what I felt like was our perfect couch. The Talbot couch by Lay Z  Boy. It’s a doll of a thing, but even with the lifetime warranty, it’s just too pretty of a penny for us, but I loved the shape and knew I had to have something similar.

I also can’t get enough of Crate and Barrel’s Verano, but that price tag left me with sticker shock!

And then, out of no where, I found it. I found MY couch. And it has PINK pillows! What?!?! And really the price just can’t be beat! It’s number 2200 by Fusion furniture and I’m just in LOVE with it! The only thing that worries me about it is the dark color. I love love love the grey, I really do, but I worry about combining all of the colors in our home and tying them together with this sofa. Our kitchen is currently white, grey, and black with pink, teal, and red accents. Our connected dinning room is black, white and grey as well, but with unbleached cotton and burlap as accents. I’m struggling at the moment to pull these two rooms together and have them make sense, but that is what the living room was going to do. When we first bought our house 3 years ago every room had to be painted. I don’t know WHO picked the paint colors for the house before we got there, but the only thing I could figure is that they did it in the dark and where color blind after it went up. The kitchen and dining room where two toned, turquoise and dark almost black, brown. The living room was somewhere between army green and baby poo (along with the hall way and front bath. At least they were consistent, right?), our bedroom was dixie cup red (that solo cup was NOT my friend!), the bigger extra bedroom was lime green with with orange, blue, red, and yellow polka dots (you can’t make this stuff up) and the other bedroom was the color of a granny smith apple (the only color that stayed and is still here, and only because we were very burnt out on painting by the time we got to it).
For the living room, I used this photo I found in a Martha Stewart paint add as my inspiration and painted the walls Cake Stand blue (which really is as lovely as it sounds) and purchased dark wooden furniture to compliment the light walls.

We currently have the Avington collection living room set from Target (coffee table, bookshelves, and TV stand) that really looks great with the light blue walls.

Obviously not my house, but we have 2 bookshelves on either side of our TV stand, then the coffee table right in front of the couch.

I love this set, but I’m wondering if it will go well with the grey couch. The couch has some brown undertones to it, and the legs match the dark tobacco color almost to a tea so I don’t think we’ll have any problems, but just in case we do, I’m not objecting to painting these pieces. I’m actually working on a telephone table and coffee table set I snagged for a great price at the thrift store that I was planning on selling, but depending on how they look, I may just keep them and move my coffee table into the office as a printer shelf with storage. I’m painting the side table white and distressing it, then painting the coffee table base white and distressing it as well, then staining the top either the dark tobacco or ebony. I’m loving the distressed shabby chic look and I think it’ll be a great way of bringing in the burlap and other organic textures from the other room. I have to see how it will look with the current TV stand. That is my only doubt.

A frame wall is a must and I’ve already started collecting the pieces for that collection. I’m thinking I want to add floating shelves to that as well for more texture and a places to put odds and ends I want to add to the room without cluttering up the shelves and tops of tables. I love the different textures and colors of this frame wall from biesinger! (Note that neutral couch again!)

We just came into posession of a ton of wood. Too thin to build a deck with (darn it!) and currently taking up space in our backyard. Since the projects planned with it aren’t going to work, I’ve claimed it as my own to build what I see fit (and can manage by myself). My mother in law suggested a ‘wood wall’ somewhere in our house, and while I’m not sure I’m that brave, I really love these wood backed shelves from over the big moon!

I really love the direction of the wood on this shelf by Shanty 2 Chic. 

But in either instance I would distress the wood, refurbed barn wood style that I learned from House of Smiths to get the look I’m wanting!

I’m also quite obsessed with dressers at the moment. I feel the need to have one in every room of the house. Mostly because we bought a house with literally NO storage space. No attic, no basement, no garage, no workshop or out building (and a tee tiny laundry room outside, ugh.) so I have to find creative ways to store this and that inside our house, which is neither fun, nor practical most of the time. But with the addition of dressers throughout the house, we are able to store random bits that just can’t go anywhere else, or are only used seasonally. I’m currently on the hunt for a dresser for my living room. Storing movies, shoes, and random office supplies that find their way in there on long work weekends will be grand! Something like this from Natty by Design would be just delightful!

Finally, as I said before, our walls are currently cake stand blue, by Martha Stewart. I picked it not only for it’s light and airy quality, but also for it’s adorable name! When Martha Stewart switched her paint line from Lowes to Home Depot, she really screwed up by changing the names of the colors. She hit the nail on the head with the old names. Gingerbread, Flour Sack, Milk Glass Pink, Bakery Box, Party Dress. Sigh. I was in love. I couldn’t resist. While there is nothing wrong with this beautiful color, I’m ready for a whole new look in our room so I’m ready for a change. When I saw this dresser on Nesting Place, I just knew the color was everything I was looking for and more. It’s called Halcyon Green and it’s a dusty robins egg blue. Like The Nester said, there is nothing dirty about it. 

First I looked at Dragonfly by Behr. It was the original color I wanted my teal dresser, but I wasn’t patient enough to wait til the next day when HD was open so I opted for a Walmart shade of color instead. It ended up working out well, but I knew I wanted Dragonfly somewhere. After much debate though, I decided it was just too heavy for all four of our living room walls, and since I’m not an accent wall kind of person, it was out.

So as of right now Halcyon Green it is. It seems much lighter to me, but darker that Cake Stand Blue to give the room the lift I’m looking for.

I think once the room is done, it will be all I ever wanted and more. There are still accent chairs to replace, and curtains to find, but we’ll get there. Oh curtains. How I HATE shopping for curtains! It’s the most dreaded part of this whole ordeal for me. I’m just not good at it. I know this time they need to be lined, since the last one I bought were not and the light just pours in making them look cheap and thin (of which they are neither). But lined curtains just bother me. From the outside they look like you have sheets hanging in your windows. While there is nothing wrong with that, I just don’t see spending all that money when from the outside it looks like you’ve put your bed linens up. We don’t have blind on our huge front window so what ever curtain we get will show proudly through for everyone to see, so it has to be something I at least find nice to look at. I’m sure they’ll be the last thing we do in the room. I need to see how everything else comes together first so I know what they need to be.

So that’s the currently plan. It will probably change over the course of the renovations, but for now, I’m pretty much in love with it. Classic, colorful, and organic with texture and lots of things to look at. It’s going to be difficult, but I think it’ll all be worth it in the end!


One thought on “.hello. home makeover: living room edition

  1. My couch is hideous as well. Tyler bought it at a yard sale from a Mexican lady for $15. It’s the ugliest couch I’ve ever seen, PLUS it’s not even comfortable. I hate it. But…what can you do? I just try not to sit on it, and sit in the recliner instead. One day I will have matching furniture but until then, I’m livin’ trailer fabulous!! 😉

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