.hello. villainous beauty- ELF Disney Villain Cosmetics Collection

The Limited Edition Elf Villains Beauty Books

Those who know me know I’m a little more than obsessed with anything Disney. I get this honestly from my mother who would live in Disney World and decorate her entire house in Mickey Mouse if she could. I grew up watching every Disney VHS tape that came out of the vault and I still watch those same VHS tapes with my hubby weekly. I’m also more than a little obsessed with cosmetics, especially budget friendly cosmetics. When I first saw these on the ELF facebook page, I immediately headed to my local Walgreens store to hunt them up! No luck. Humph. So, I did what any sane person would do and drove an hour to the only other Walgreens on the website list that was suppose to get them. Not there either. Ugh. (But I did pick up the Katy Perry movie from Redbox while I was there. Worth it!) So began my harassment of my local Walgreens. I educated them on everything about the product, the name, photos of what each palette looked like, where other people were finding them in the stores, and anything else I could felt they needed to know. I should feel bad, but I really don’t. I had a precious session with twin boys yesterday and when I got home I didn’t do anything but feed our zoo and hop on the internet. I don’t know what made me look my caller ID but I did, and there it was. A missed call from Walgreens. I ran into my living room and check my machine. They’re HERE!! And 3 are behind the counter just for me! I got so excited, like a kid the night before Christmas! Well, by the time I got the message it was 10:30 at night…. Ugh. To try to satisfy some of my excitement I decided to find every review blog on the internet. After an hour of hearing me go on about them my husband told me to throw on some decent clothes and get in the car. That is how at 11:30 at night I picked up these babies! Not 3, but 8 of the 9 pallets our store got. They aren’t all for me though! 🙂 I have a set and I got some for my sister and a friend! I’m not greedy! lol

Elf Villains Pallettes

I’m going to break down each individual beauty book on it’s own so I can go into more detail about each without having a crazy long post but here is the run down.There are 3 pallettes. Cruella DeVil “Evil Everyday Eyes”, Maleficent “Sinister Smoky Eyes”, and Evil Queen “Devious Dramatic Eyes”.  Each book contains

8 eyeshadows
2 lip and cheek color pencils
1 eyeshadow primer
1 liquid eyeliner
1 set of false eyelashes
1 lash adhesive
1 built in ‘mirror’I think the greatest thing about these pallettes is the amazing tutorials that have a day look, a night look, and a transparency of the villain at hand with  each look on either side! They’re beautiful! The packaging on these pallettes go over and beyond! I just picked up one of the WnW Fergie pallettes and the ELF ones blow it out of the water! They’re hardcover books and they have elastic bands at the corners to keep them closed when not in use. On the left each includes a ‘mirror’ (I wouldn’t personally use it, but I love the touch it gives!) with the villain’s initial and one of their most famous quotes. The packaging and art work is everything you’d expect from Disney! Absolutely beautiful!The art work on the inside of each Villain palette! Amazing!I can’t wait to play with these! I’ll be doing a post for each beauty book with swatches and color break downs so keep your eyes open for more details on these fabulous pallettes!

I am a little disappointed not to see The Queen of Hearts (who is my all time favorite) and Ursula as sets, but my fingers are crossed that maybe we’ll get to see them in the future! Those would be some beautiful colors! Rich reds and golds for the queen and deep teals and plums for the sea witch.

Just from the first look, which do you think will be your favorite? Right now Cruella is mine. I’m a sucker for neutrals, what can I say? 🙂 I think Maificent will be the most popular. She’s getting rave reviews online and she seems to be everyone’s favorite villain!

f you are having a hard time finding your own beauty books, don’t forget to check out this interactive sightings map by nouveau cheap and don’t forget to add your pin to the map once you’ve found them!


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