.hello. pumpkin carving

Jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern
You are such a funny sight
As you sit there in the window
Looking out at the night

You were once a yellow pumpkin
Growing on a sturdy vine
Now you are a jack-o-lantern
Let your candle light shine

We picked our pumpkin on our fall date day. Normally we’d go for the biggest orange one we could find, but this year we found one we just couldn’t resist! It was big and green and looked just like a giant pepper! We called is Jose the whole way home. We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas while we worked on it. It took us forever to decide what we were going to carve into it. After a conversation that morning about Lennon drawings with my friend Katie and our absolute love and adoration for all things John Lennon and the Beatles, we decided a Lennon sketch was the way to go and I couldn’t be more pleased. Normally we do something that has to do with our year that year, but even though this year has been full of trials, right now, we are at peace so we wanted to represent that.

Ran prepping Jose- Our Peaceful Pepper Pumpkin


Our Pumpkin Carving Movie of Choice!


Here we go!

Ran is so super serious when it comes to pumpkin carving!


‘detail work’- I told you he was serious!

The Mayor says our pumpkin is too peaceful!


Almost done!



Our John Lennon Pumpkin!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday!


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