.hello. 30 days of Thankful- Day 1

I try to do this every year, but I always fall short. I’m hoping by keeping it on my blog this year instead of just on Facebook, I’ll finally be able to achieve my goal. 2012 has been quite a year for us. In January we started GPS classes in order to become foster parents. In February we found out my Mother in Law had a brain tumor and went with her to every radiation treatment for months. We also got the joy of hearing after those months of radiation that there was shrinkage in her tumor! In March we finished GPS and decided to put the rest of the process on hold while we dealt with treatments and other things in our lives. In April we found out I’d be misdiagnosed with Industriousness and that I had PCOS instead. I also turned 25, Ran turned 26 and we took the most amazing vacation to Gatlinburg when we got to be young and fall in love all over again. A second honeymoon of sorts! This summer we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary and our 7 year anniversary of being together. This fall Ran did his first play and it was our first together and we had an amazing time. He started in on a new adventure of going into Elementary education and he’s loving it so far. We’ve been busy with work, with school, with life and everything that comes along with it, but this year more than ever I’ve seen the wonderfulness that can be around you, even in the dark times if you only take the chance to look. With every heartache we were also lifted up in some way, yet with every joy there was sadness to be found as well, and that’s okay.
Fall is a difficult time for me. I suffer from seasonal depression and it starts getting worse around now. Now more than ever I should cling to the things I am thankful for and I should seek them out more than ever. And so begins my 30 days of Thankful. It’s all around the web and and it is quite the wonderful movement. You don’t have to write a lot. A sentence is enough. or even just a photograph, just something you can reflect on for the day. Something to be thankful for. Some days are harder than others, but those hard days are when you should be thankful the most. If you want to be held accountable, I’d love for you to join and keep me accountable too! Here’s to day 1 and the next 29 to follow! ❤

Day 1- Today I am most thankful for my husband. I met him a week out of highschool, young and silly, but I’ve grown up with him and he is my best friend. I am one of the most blessed people in the world that over time, even though we were young, we didn’t grow apart, but instead grew into one another, entwined like a tree. I know it’s cheesy and I know it’s lame, but it’s true. There is no me without him and vice versa. Where I end, he begins and it’s wonderful. He is my rock and my safe place. He picks me up when I’m down, but he also tells me like it is and brings me back to reality when I need it. We have so much fun together. Like two kids. We laugh, we dance around the kitchen, we have silly little inside jokes, we sing TV theme songs at the top of our lungs and end them all with “life is unfairrrr!”. We’re us. I suppose this should say, I’m thankful for my marriage and how strong it is, but it would be nothing without him. He is kind and has the sweetest heart. He is so easily hurt and vulnerable, but he opens that up to me and that is priceless for me. He is funny and goofy and silly and he drives me up the wall. He knows it and he loves it. He has the deepest desire to take care of people and he always gives more than he gets. I can’t wait to grow old with him and see where this journey takes us. I know he’ll be an amazing father, and I can’t wait to see him in those shoes.  He’s my happy birthday. He’s my Christmas morning. I’m most thankful for him because he’s my greatest treasure. ❤


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