.hello. Halloween 2012

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a holiday as we did! We spent it at my in laws’ house eating chili and watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (which is a tradition for Ran and me). At the end of the night when everyone went to bed, Ran and I popped popcorn in my mother in laws amazing popcorn maker, snuggled up and watched Hocus Pocus.  It couldn’t have been more low key and perfect!

Halloween 2012!
My Shaggy and me. Hanging out watching the Great Pumpkin waiting for trick or treaters. My fabulous in laws. Smoochin Shag. The hubs passed out on the couch till he heard me click the camera. Movie theater popcorn for Hocus Pocus!. Our halloween decor this year complete with a Trick or Treat Smell my Feet witches boot. My candy of choice this go around. Our John Lennon pumpkin drying up but holding in there. Precious Sabastian the baseball player. The best popcorn maker of all time. Sweet Samual the now naked football player. Great year!

Ran and I decided to step out as Velma and Shaggy this year! I got my new glasses in about 2-3 weeks ago and since then I’ve been told I know at LEAST 20 times “You look just like that girl from Scooby Doo!” so I just went with it. lol Plus they were easy to throw together at the last minute. I couldn’t find a red skirt anywhere so I just took my Red Riding Hood costume from a couple of years ago and tucked the top under and the bottom up! lol It was not comfortable in the slightest but it ended up being a big hit so it was totally worth it! The boys came with us of course. Sabastian was a baseball player and Samual was a football player, but of course he messed his outfit up before I could get any photos of him in it. He’s THAT child for us. lol

Me and 3 of my favorite boys!

Sawyer stayed home this year because he hates to travel, but we were going to paint a dollar sign on his side and a slit down his back and have him go as a piggy bank. 😀 Maybe next year when he calms down a bit.
I can’t wait for the day when we have a (human) child to dress up and take trick or treating! I think about it every year around the holidays. Yes, we’ll be that family in matching costumes. I have a list ready depending how many kids we have and if they’re boys, girls, or both. lol I absolutely love it when parents join in on the fun! If we could’ve had a little Daphne and Fred or Scooby and Scrappy this year we totally would have!

What did you do for Halloween this year? What traditions do you have that you do every year?

Jinkies! Velma Dinkley at your service!


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