.hello. 30 days of Thankful- Day 2

day 2
Today I am thankful for my BOYS!

Sabastian Kenlee, Samual Klemons, Simon Kingsley, and Sawyer Kohen are my absolute joy. We got Sabie 4 short months after we started dating, and bless his heart, we had no idea what we were doing, but we struggled through and along the way picked up the other 3. We are a happy family of 6, but those boys will never know how much they mean to me, how much they’ve gotten me through. Over our last 29 months dealing with infertility, they have been my happy place. My peaceful place. I’m their mommy and they’re my babies and they’ll never know otherwise. They are my greatest joy and they give me a purpose. They may be animals, but they’re my baby boys! πŸ™‚

Sabastian is my sweet, sensitive boy who’s feelings are easily hurt but who loves deeper than most humans I know. He loves to be held like a baby and his hair always grows into his eyes. He chomps when he wants attention and he always dances for food. He loves popcorn and chicken. He’s quite prissy and can’t stand to go out in the rain. He has sad eyes but a happy disposition. We spent the first 4 years of his life dying his hair and giving him a mohawk. We always had so much fun. He’s obsessed with the hose pipe and loves to play in water. Even at 7 years, he’s always my baby and he’ll always be our first. ❀

Samual is my trouble maker. He is nosy and a busy body and he feels like it’s his place to tell the rest of the boys what to do. He’s certainly the Alpha even though he was the smallest in his litter and he’s pretty much the smallest in the house. He’s also the most affectionate of all of our boys. He wants nothing more than to be loved on by me. He’d be the happiest if he was an only child and he certainly embodies all the qualities of a traditional middle child. He has a need for attention and will do whatever it takes to get it. He’s also our ‘looker’. It simply doesn’t get more handsome than him and he knows it. πŸ™‚

Simon is my easy boy. He’s serious and calm and very laid back. He’s not afraid to let you know when he’s mad and will show out when needed. He’ll knock his water bottle off of his cage, he’ll stamp his foot, and he’ll slam his cage around, but once you open the door and love on him, he’s perfectly content again. His favorite food is cilantro and he loves apple peelings. He’s the only animal in the house that all the other boys get along with. They’re crazy about him and always want to give him snuggles when he’s out and about. He hates it. He’s much more content alone and up on his table than down there with the other boys. He has one ear that sticks straight up and one that lays down. It’s precious!

Sawyer is something else. He’s pushy and bossy and has an awful temper but man is he fun! He loves to play and constantly needs entertainment. He wants to be in bed by 10 and up by 8 no matter what. He loves to be on a schedule. He loves apples and eggs and marshmallows, but he’ll eat anything! He’s recently learned to sit and thinks the harder he sits (he’ll almost lay down) the more food he’ll get. He doesn’t know how big he is (almost 70 lbs now!). I feel like I missed out on his babyhood because he got so big so fast. He’s only 4 months old but he’s already HUGE! We love having him around and he’s really rounded out our family. ❀


I just ADORE getting comments! I can't wait to read yours! Thank you so much for hanging out here with me!

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