.hello. Fall Date Day

The hubby and I have been painfully busy, between work, school, and the show. I’m talking the kind of busy where you kiss goodbye before you leave in the morning and kiss goodnight before bed and that’s about all the interaction you get. Now as far as seasons go, Fall is by far tops when it comes to activities and food, but in Alabama it’s pretty short lived. I mean this year our fall has been high of 70 until Friday and now we get up to about 58. Brrr! Cold for us that are used to hot temps for 80% of the year! We’ve missed out so far on all the fun stuff you get to do for fall so Friday we took a day, turned off our phones, I put down my work and we had a day together.

We went to Full Moon Farm together and had an absolutely wonderful time together! We rode the hay ride as soon as we got there but I couldn’t get comfortable enough on the hay for us to snuggle. lol We got on the Pumpkin Express, which is barrel type things attached to a four wheeler (I called it the redneck rollercoaster! lol) and a friend of mine was driving it. It was just me and Ran on it and he went so fast the four wheeler was on two wheels! I had a blast; Ran swore never again. HAHA! We went through the corn maze which was awesome and we made it out alive so be pro there! We both have terrible directional skills so I was concerned for our safety. We also shot the corn cannon, raced peddle carts, and jumped in the BOUNCE HOUSE! There is something about being 25 and getting to play with my husband that makes me giddy. We acted like two children, and for me those are the best dates!

We roasted marshmallows and as usual I made myself sick. I hate HATE marshmallows unless they’re burned to a crisp. You give me a stick, a fire, and a bag and I can’t stop myself. I ended up giving the rest of the bag to a little girl just so I wouldn’t keep eating them. lol The perfect fall snack if you ask me! Before we left we picked our pumpkin.

Even though we had to cram all of our celebrating into one day, we still hand an amazing time! We’re going to our inlaws’ for Halloween and we’ve got to finish up our costumes today. I hope everyone has had an equally fun time celebrating! Happy Fall Y’all!

Riding through the corn on the hay ride!


Going through the pumpkin patch on the hay ride. The little girl behind me would yell “pumpkin pumpkin!” every time she saw one! It was precious!


Ran thinks it’s very GQ to look away from the camera when you’re trying to take his picture. That is the face he gives me when I make fun of him for trying to look GQ. There’s that smile! 😀

The awesome moon we had that day! It looked so cool during the day!



I’ve probably failed to mention how much my husband loves pumpkins. Pumpkin anything. Where here you go, and yes, that’s him pretending the pumpkin is Simba.



Goofing off in the corn maze!


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