.hello. weekend update- weddings, parties, pastors, and more

Today was one of those Sundays where you wear panty hose to church because you’ve just passed that threshold of ‘unshaven’ and you spray your hair with fabreeze because you were out by a fire pit the night before and didn’t wake up in enough time to shower. This weekend was so busy and exhausting but absolutely amazing! Saturday I got up bright and early to 2nd photograph the wedding of two very good friends of mine. I met Cody and Santana a year ago right before I preformed in Beauty and the Beast. They run CharACTers, my theater group, and they are just all around precious people. I was so excited to be a part of their big day! It was beyond beautiful and the creativity was over the top! It was literally a pinterest wedding. I can’t wait to share all the photos on my photography blog once they’re finished but I’ve got to share one with you here. I got one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken and I’m so in love with it! ❤

After the wedding we had an amazing fall party with our second family! Every year we do a Halloween party at our house, but this year we got way too busy so we took a night at Full Moon Farm where I worked this month and just let loose and had fun like a bunch of kids. With our group of best friends, it was a hoot seeing us all on the bouncy houses and slides. We loved it! We got to act 5 years old again, but we worn out really fast. I’m not sure how kids do it. My energy level went from 60-0 in about 5 minutes on that slide! We roasted marshmallows and I of course felt the need to burn anything I could find. I can’t help it. When I’m around I fire, I just need to see what happens to different things I can throw into it. lol We had such an amazing time! So ready for our tacky sweater Christmas party!
(please excuse the crappy cellphone photos!)

Almost broke the bestie’s arm when we both fell and I rolled on top of her. We got completely stuck! lol

make an ‘ugly face’- this is what you get!

Me and my main squeeze!

My bestie and myself ❤

I really thought Daylight savings time would have made this morning easier, but I suppose 5 hours of sleep isn’t going to feel great no matter what time the clock says. We were voting on a new pastor and church today and God lead the perfect man to us. His youngest daughter and I were best friends in middle school and now we’re neighbors! I’m so very excited to have them at our church. I’ve been personally praying for a while to bring a change in the winds. I’ve ached to get back to church for a while but there is always something coming up. I’ve really made a commitment the last few weeks to come consistently and really get involved. I miss church and I love the fellowship of being there. I’m tired of making excuses to avoid something that I really do enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing what next week brings. We’re doing a prayer walk around the property. I think it will be quite a blessing.

After church I had to get ready for the first round of Christmas mini sessions. I was stressed about them and I felt completely unprepared but the shots we ended up getting were SO precious! We’ve got another round coming up next week in Birmingham at Morris Ave. It’s really gotten me excited and into the holiday spirit! 😀

How beautiful is this child?!

It does not get more fun than this family!

Isn’t he so sweet?!