.hello. 30 days of Thankful- Day 5

day 5
Today I am thankful for a supportive family!

This is not my ‘thankful for my family’ day. This is my day to be thankful for the support they give us. Support we don’t deserve, but they do anyway. We’ve lived in our house for 3 years now and it is so far away from where we want it to be, but the potential is amazing. For broke newly(ish)weds potential is hard to tap into when money isn’t just laying around to use. Ran’s grandmother last week told us she was ordering new windows for our home as a gift. New windows. Wow. I know to most people this wouldn’t be a big deal, but our windows are GROSS! They’re double pained but they’re painted/nailed shut and there is so much junk in between them that we can’t get to to clean. There are wasps nest at the top of a lot of them and most are broken either inside or out. Window are your eyes outside of your home. When your eyes are cloudy and dirty and dim it’s hard to get excited about look out of them. I was raised with the windows open and the air flowing through our house. It makes things airy, light, and fresh and just plain wonderful. I’ve yet to do that in our home. That ends this week. Today they arrived to start putting in our new windows! I’m so excited about them! They’re starting in our bedroom and tonight I’m planning on laying in bed, raising the windows, and letting the breeze flow through around me. They are BEAUTIFUL!

I am always so overwhelmed by the gifts we are given by our families. We don’t have a problem they don’t try to help us with, even problems we don’t imagine we can attempt. It’s just amazing. We love them so much! They have really helped us in more ways than we could ever repay. Without them we would have fallen so many times these past 3 years of homeownership, but when we trip, they catch us. I am so thankful to have a support around us who will always pick us up. How blessed are we?


I just ADORE getting comments! I can't wait to read yours! Thank you so much for hanging out here with me!

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