.hello. 30 days of Thankful day 7 aka Why I voted for Obama

day 7
Today I am thankful for my Healthcare.

I feel like I’m coming off from a high last night (not a Colorado high, a life one! ;> lol). I went out to the polls yesterday, I placed my vote, and I watched the coverage until 1 am this morning when the final speech was over. When they announced the President would be re elected, I cried. I sobbed. I sobbed for myself, but mostly I sobbed for my future children, because now they have a chance. I have a chance. I may still have a family after all. I voted for Obama 4 years ago in my first election, because he promised me hope for a better future. That better future for me came in the form of getting back on my Stepdad’s health insurance. It was the first time I had insurance since 2005, and when it came down to us dealing with infertility, it was the insurance that gave us Dr. Richmond and my new diagnosis. Back in April we found out I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOS effects my hormone levels, my ability to get pregnant, and my insulin levels. I have a much higher chance now of becoming diabetic and there is a good chance I will see cervical cancer in my future. It’s frighting. What is more frighting is that this April, one year after my diagnosis, I will turn 26 and I will no longer qualify for my Stepdad’s insurance, but thankfully, as of right now, because of the healthcare reforms being put in place, my PCOS will not be able to keep me from being accepted by another insurance like before. I applied for insurance in 2008 and was quoted ‘$456’ a month and then told I didn’t qualify because of preexisting conditions. Guys, for me, that is a mortgage payment. When I started searching this year in order to not have a gap in my coverage, the same company told me $142 and I couldn’t be denied. That is UNREAL! This gives me the chance to continue with my fight against PCOS and my chance to continue my fight to one day have a child.
Him getting a second term was the only way I could have a shot in the dark at having a child. it was the only way I could be able to get on insurance and get help for my cysts and to prevent me from getting cervical cancer later on in life. Those were huge for me. When he won tonight I cried. I cried so hard and I thanked God because I still have a chance. My future children still have a chance.
Other people have other issues that are equally as important to them as that was for me. I respect that. I wish everyone could understand it’s so much more than skin color or religious preference. People had REAL reasons for voting for each candidate. Everyone had the opportunity to vote for who would make life better for them and their family. Obama is actually the only chance I have for a family from what I can see.

Today I am SO thankful for the healthcare I have now, the healthcare I will be able to purchase in the future, and my future children, because I know it will happen for me. God gave me the promise as a Christian that He will work things together for the GOOD that love him, and I absolutely adore him. Romans 13:1 in the KJV says: Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
God knows what he is doing. He is in control and he has a plan. This night was ordained far before any of us where here. There is a plan and I believe I’m apart of it! I believe my children are a part of it. He has provided a way for THEM!


5 thoughts on “.hello. 30 days of Thankful day 7 aka Why I voted for Obama

  1. Love it. I teared up reading this. I hope you get the insurance you need and can have everything that needs to be done. And I wish you all the luck in the world. I am proud to know that we influenced last nights election..and the Colorado high bit was funny. lol

  2. Love this. You are clearly passionate about politics, and I think that is such a great thing. I also love how you handled the election with respect and grace.

    Today I wore a brand-new black dress and a smart aleck kid asked me if I was mourning the death of our country. I said, clearly and confidently, “No. I am celebrating that the BLACK president who I love has been reelected.” Talk about shutting up. It was wonderful!

  3. I didn’t understand how health care affected people Now I do. Yes I voted for Obama. I’m following you and maybe you;re take a look at my organizing blog on Onsugar and follow the one on Hellocotton which is sort of a lifestyle blog.

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