.hello. 30 days of Thankful day 8

day 8
Today I am thankful for my HOUSE!

There is nothing perfect about my house, much like there is nothing perfect about me or my husband. Like us, our house is full of potential waiting to be tapped into, and like us being perfect for each other, our house is perfect for us. It’s a long road away from where we want it to be, but it’ll get there eventually. It’s our first house and it was a foreclosure with a Dixie Cup red bedroom, a lime green with blue, red, and orange polka dot room, and a baby doody green living room, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have the urge to take something ugly and make into something that was mine.

We’re having our windows replaced this week, as a generous gift from my husband’s grandmother. They totally ripped out the front monster window in the living room and are building a wall with two smaller windows instead. On Tuesday I was sitting in the living room with my dogs while they were working. I was on facebook and I was SO cold! The windows were out, there was a giant hole in my wall and it was freeze. I thought to myself, how blessed am I? While I was sitting on Facebook and working on wedding photos on my laptop, there are several people that were this cold because they didn’t have walls to be taken out. They didn’t have windows to be replaced. They don’t have a house. That thought made my heart ache. There are so many times I get frustrated because my computer is running slow or because there is a mess in the house (which is always) or I see what someone else has and I just wish I had something that nice too and then I have moments like that where I realize how selfish I really am. I like to think of myself as a good person. As someone who loves and helps when and where I can, but truthfully I’m just as selfish as anyone else. There are people out there struggling to keep a roof over their heads. There are people out their who have completely lost their homes and everything they own to Hurricane Sandy. There are people still rebuilding and putting their lives together from the tornado that ripped through our state last April 27th.

Today I am thankful for the blessing I have in my potential filled house. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s mine. It holds things I am lucky to have. It is where I lay down to sleep with my husband every night. It is where I cuddle with my dogs, play with my pig, and love on my rabbit. It is where I cook food for my family. It is where we relax and have fun. It is where we laugh and where we cry. It is where we talk and we open up to each other. It is where I work. It is where my husband studies for school. It is where we will bring our children when they are born. It is where all of our memories are being made and I am so blessed to have it. ❤


3 thoughts on “.hello. 30 days of Thankful day 8

  1. Love the new windows! Congrats! I also would love a tour of the house…Is that creepy? I just find it inspirational to see how others decorate and spend their time in the home. Awesome windows though. It really can change the look in a home!

    Happy Sunday!


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