.hello. blessings

I at least try to follow up a whoa is me post with something less depressing. When I’m having a bad day or a bad time, I find it helps me to count my blessings. Here it goes.

1) Ran-  I’m blessed with the greatest man I’ve ever known being my husband. He’s my best friend and sadly sometimes, my emotional punching bag, but he takes it and he never lets me get too far down that I can’t get back up.  He is my rock and he holds my hand through it all, good, bad, and ugly.

2) My family- I have the greatest parents (biological and in law) a girl could ask for. I have 2 mothers who force me to keep my head out of the clouds but never keep me from dreaming. Who always keep me grounded and in check. Who love me and cover me up with love when they know that I need it. Who always have an ear to talk to and a shoulder to lean on and arms that hug the bad away. I have nieces and nephews who blow me away with their talents, and interactivity, and LOVE every day. I have siblings who are always there to turn to and talk to.

3)Sam- I have a best friend who is my soulmate. Who never ceases to make me laugh and brightens my world as a whole. She knows when to give advice, and she knows when to shut up and just tell me she loves me. We’ve walked through every major event in our lives since we were 17, together.

4) My friends are the most wonderful group of people I know. They let me whine and cry and be a brat, but they’re there waiting when I come back to myself. They are encouraging and spirited, and always present and make me sure that I know, even when I feel alone, I never am.

5)My job is a daily blessing with the people I get to meet and the love I get to share. I can’t picture myself without it as it has become an extension of myself.

6) My church family, both current and past are a never ending wealth of advice and encouragement. They always know what to say and always take the time to speak to me when I need it. They are such a blessing in my life.

7) My fur babies are one thing that every day, if I want to or not, force me to get through the day. They put me on a schedule that helps when I find myself in difficult times. They are the definition of unconditional love.

There are so many more and I’ll keep add as the day goes on. 🙂


One thought on “.hello. blessings

  1. This just makes me smile!! You are truly blessed to have so many blessings. Hugs to you! And praises for being such a strong person with such a difficult journey ahead.

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