.hello. Miss Sara

I say it all the time- I have been blessed my entire life with being surrounded by exceptionally strong women. I often talk about my Mom, my Grandmother, my Aunts, but rarely do I talk about the women who shaped me as a small child, who’s faces I rarely remember, but who’s names and spirits I’ll never forget.
My mom raised me as a single mother for most of my childhood. This brought on a lot of challenges that I’m only now old enough to start to understand. We were not well off, but my mother assured that I would never want for anything, especially anything I truly needed. In order to do this, my mom always carried a full time job. In fact, every woman in my family worked full time jobs. Enter in the other women in my life. When I was a baby I was taken care of by a woman named Miss Sara. I can’t remember Miss Sara’s face, but I remember the love she had for me and the love I had for her. When I was small I would often think of her as a real life Mrs Buttersworth. Kind faced and sweet. I know when you are small and in a daycare, you are not ‘special’, but these women had a way of making you feel like you were. Like you were one of their own. My mother often talked about Miss Sara when I was young. You could tell she loved her as much as I did. She loved her for taking care of her baby while she was off trying to take care of me in a different way. I can only imagine the relief a young, single, working mother could have when doing the best to provide financially for her child that she had another woman she could take that child to that she wouldn’t have to worry about it’s safety and it’s well being.
When I was a year old my mom got remarried. During that time I was in daycare at times but most days I was taken care of by my Daddy (step).  During that time my daycare teacher was a lady named Miss Pinky. She is another woman who’s face I can’t place but who’s affect on my life I’ll never forget. When I was 3 my Daddy was in a car accident. That day was one of the first memories I can recall as a child. I remember being at daycare and I remember my mom not picking me up as she usually does. I remember Miss Pinky being so perky and happy towards me and telling me I was going to get to come to her house after the day was over. I remember going to Sonic and getting a BLT. It’s the only time in my life I’ve ever had that sandwich and enjoyed it, but I remember vividly eating it and loving it. I remember going with her to a baseball field for her son’s game. And then I remember a small bit that we went to her house. It had stairs with carpet and paneling on the walls. I remember that Miss Pinky never had me out of her lap and she never took a smile off of her face. I remember asking my Mom where my Doritos were when she came to get me (my Daddy brought those or a Sugar Daddy home for me every day). I remember my Daddy not coming home. I remember how no matter how bad it was that Miss Pinky was there, always giving my mother a safe place for her child. My mother, the once again single mother. The widow at age 30. When my Daddy was alive I was rarely in daycare unless he and my mom were at work at the same time. He spoiled me rotten and I was slowly becoming a complete brat. After my Daddy died, I had to go back to daycare full time. My first day back I bit a special needs child. We were all having a very hard time adjusting to this new life. Even at such a small age I was so affected by the loss of my father. Though he was not my biological dad he never made a difference and I was always his. But those ladies in those daycares never gave up on me. They took the time to understand the situation we were in and they never batted an eye when I needed a little extra guidance.
I tell you all this to share some good news. Today I got the call that I will now have my own chance to be someone’s Miss Sara, or Miss Pinky. I applied a few weeks ago for a teaching position at a learning center opening up here in town. I’ve prayed for it every day since my interview and today I got the call that my prayers were answered. I will have the opportunity to bless children and families the way I was blessed and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I will be starting in the nursery and we’ll see where I go from there. My heart is so deeply captured with children and from the moment I walked into the facility, I knew it was somewhere I NEEDED to be. It took all my composure not to cry when I was on the phone with the director (although anyone who knows me wouldn’t be shocked, I cry over everything). I am over the moon excited. I called my Mom and told her the good news and she told me how proud for me she is. Then she told me she knew God would find a way to give me babies, even if they aren’t my own, that He is putting them into my life while I’m waiting on mine. Then I cried. 🙂
I’m so very excited to see where this new journey takes me. It couldn’t come at a more perfect time and after a few very discouraging days. I needed a pick me up and boy was this one! Sometimes when life beats you down a little too hard, God uses that time to allow others to lift you up and to let you know, He’s got it all under control. I am blessed to be in the palm of His hand. Just like he did with those women when I was small, He’s always taking care of me.


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