.hello. beginning budgeting

Today is the day. Today is the day after 3 years I get off my butt and finally force myself to do our Household Planner. The hubs and I are not organized people. Well, he can be when he wants to stay on top of it, but apparently I’ve rubbed off my anti-organized gene off on him in the last 8 years so when it comes to budgeting and planning, we. are. a. mess. Literally. Especially when it comes to bills. I have no idea what is due or when, or the log in to the accounts, or anything. It’s a wreck. NO MORE! I’m starting my new job on Monday and the stable paycheck paired with the extra money from photography will get us back on track if I’m careful with it, which I intend to be!

What I’m working on is a bit of a balance of the envelope system and a traditional budgeting notebook. In ours though, I’m also printing out daily and weekly chore list as well as meal planning and scheduling sheets to try to get us back on top in those areas as well.

Here are a few of my favorite things I’ve found on my journey of putting my binder together!

This Blog- A Bowl Food Of Lemons is filled with lots of wonderful Home Management Binders as well as other organizational tips and budgeting how tos!

Of course, everyone loves the FlyLady! I’ve heard wonderful things about her program and I’m planning on starting it myself in the next few weeks. I’ll let you know what I think about it when I’m into it, but it seems to be really focused on cleaning, which is a very touchy subject at our house!: )

I grabbed this weekly cleaning schedule from Blooming Homestead!

Check out ALL of these printables from organizing home life!

This is pretty much exactly how I want the budgeting section of my binder!

And of course, no organizing binder would be complete without printables from I Heart Organizing!

As soon as I’m done with my own binder, I’ll show you exactly what I’ve done here! Fingers crossed this works for us! I’m ready to live a much more simplified life, especially with my sleep schedule taking the nose dive it’s about to hit!


One thought on “.hello. beginning budgeting

  1. I have more than one organizing blog on the internet. One comes up now and then on the WordPress reader. I subscribe to Flylady and it has helped me a lot as far as cleaning and really motivates you. You have the right idea and you’ll have to check your planner just about daily especially after shopping. I do. I will get your tips and I can give you tips.

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