Grapey goodness {9 weeks}

How far along: 9 weeks 6 days
Gender:  Pretty sure it’s an Oliver. We find out July 29th! 🙂
Size of baby: A grape!
Maternity clothes: Funny story. We were getting ready to pack for the beach and I didn’t have a swimsuit, so the amazing mother in law and grandmother in law I have decided to take me on Saturday to go get one…. it was horrible. Everything made me look like a beached whale in a moo moo. The belly most certainly made an appearance in week 8 and I didn’t realize it until I was trying to find something to cover it. I cried in the dressing room of Lane Bryant. I needed something that would hug the belly, cause hiding it wasn’t working. In case you are wondering, no where in our area carries any decent selection of maternity clothes, much less maternity swimsuits and I needed something that would last me until at least August. We took the plunge and drove to Douglasville and hit up their Motherhood Maternity. I literally grabbed one swimsuit and it fit like a dream. Everything was covered, everything fit, and I looked pregnant, not just fat. Grandmother passed me some shorts and I hesitatingly put them on. OH MY GOSH! Why do people wait??? Maternity pants are literally the most comfortable things in existence! I couldn’t believe how supported and comfortable and not squished I felt. And the clouds opened up and the angels sang. lol So yes, this week I got my first maternity clothes, and I don’t care what anyone says, they’re the best things ever. And I look GOOD in them.
Symptoms: This nausea is still following me around like a shadow. Week 8 was a total break. I didn’t have one symptom at all, but they came back with a vengeance. I can’t eat meat, honestly I can’t eat much of anything that isn’t potato chips. That’s about all that settle totally well, but when I can force down a full meal, man oh man, it is sweet! I’m much luckier than most. I can count on one hand the times I’ve actually been sick. It’s mostly just the food aversions and nausea. I told Ran if this was the worst of it, I could do this every year. I’m not sure he’s ready for me to get so comfortable quite yet. 😉
Sleep: The tiredness lets up some days then other days I’m not sure how I hold my head up.
Best moment this week: We took our babymoon to the beach since Ran had a work conference there this week! While we were there we got the first thing for Sprout. The most precious sweet bear you ever did see! I’m so in love with it. It’s a perfect cuddle bear and it so sweetly weighted to be dragged around. I can’t wait to see the memories made with this little lovie.
Worst moment this week: My favorite thing to do on vacation is to eat. I live for it. Well, and every restaurant but 2, my food had to be packed up in a togo box almost as soon as I got it. I maybe got 2 bites in. Thursday night (the night before we left) the nausea finally let up and I had the BEST meal! It was amazing! We tired Pier Park but I got to hot and we ended up going to see a movie instead. It stunk being sick the whole trip. :/
Miss anything: Food!
Cravings: Pizza and Pasta! That’s basically the only thing I can finish. I can’t promise I’ll keep it down, but I enjoy it while I can. Potato chips are basically getting me through right now though.
Looking forward to: Getting back to a normal day to day. 







Alpha Mom Says:

Your Baby:

  • Is about the size of a grape, or perhaps a cocktail olive, the kind that’s marinated in vermouth and stuffed with blue cheese.
  • (Is not marinated in vermouth or stuffed with blue cheese.)
  • Has fingers and toes and eyelids and ears.
  • External boy and girl-parts are present, but won’t be really distinguishable for another couple weeks.


  • Have a uterus the size of a flipping grapefruit, lady.
  • *BARF* Again. Still.
  • With all the extra blood pumping through your system (about 50% more blood volume, actually), your body temperature may be a little jacked up — if you’re constantly complaining about being too hot or too cold, this is why.

And so it begins

Week 8 has started out with a bam. Seriously. I was down the entire weekend and I felt like crap. I was so restless Saturday. As soon as I woke up I was uncomfortable. I didn’t feel well and I was whiny. Poor Ran. We went and saw The Fault In Our Stars (SOOOOO good!) and went to Mellow Mushroom to eat pizza, since pizza is about all I want these days. As soon as we got home I laid down. Later that night all hell broke loose. Yep. My first time actually getting sick from this pregnancy. Now, in case you aren’t aware, throwing up because you’re pregnant is totally different than throwing up when you aren’t. I was not aware of this. When you are pregnant your body’s goal is to get any and everything you could have possibly eaten in the last 36 hours out as fast and as much as it possibly can. Once you have completed this task it’s over. Seriously. No gagging, no dry heaves, you’re done. It’s a blessing and a curse I suppose. A blessing because when it’s over, it’s over. I could’ve actually eaten right after which is so weird to me. A curse because, well, who wants to get sick when you aren’t actually sick? I am beyond lucky though. That marked my first time truly getting sick in this pregnancy and I know for that I am lucky! Those that do nothing but throw up, well, I must be a wimp, because I don’t know how they do it. At all. Sunday wasn’t much better. I had to leave church because I got so nauseated and I could barely hold my head up most of the day. I couldn’t enjoy lunch because I couldn’t eat anything and we were at one of my favorite places. I finally took a nap and some zofran and I felt a little bit better, but not by much. We went out to dinner with the gang for Heather’s birthday and I barely ate there too. I slept well though! That was a first in quite a while!
Monday I woke up and I guess Sprout knew it was doctor day or felt really guilty about my weekend because I had energy and not a drop of nausea for a while! I was wonderful! This nausea follows me around like a shadow. It’s always there. I haven’t really found what helps. I mean, chips and salt help, but it doesn’t make it go away. But not yesterday! Yesterday I felt good for the first time in a while! I left work a little early (and the kids gave me a great day too!) and Teresa and I headed off to see Dr. J! This was my first ‘check up’ from him since I found out I was pregnant so I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited. It was also the first time I walked into that office without one drop of worry or dread. No fear, just peace. We had a great check up. They couldn’t find Sprout’s heartbeat via the doppler (which it totally normal at this point!) so we got to get another sonogram. I told his my kid is going to be as big of a camera hog as I am and just wanted to show off so we could see it. It’s gotten SO BIG! You could even see little arm nubbins and leg nubbins! It looked like a gummy bear! Teresa got to see the baby too and she was just in awe. I love that little sprout more than words can say and I fall more and more in love every time we get to see it. Somehow but not surprisingly, between my nausea and meat aversion, I’ve managed to gain 5 lbs. UGH! I knew I’d gained because you can already see a gut, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be that much. He didn’t get on to me but I know I need to get a hold on myself and get control over this weight. I’d like to only gain about 25 total. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully I can get back into better eating habits when I can get back to normal eating.

Don’t be blue(berry) {7 weeks}

How far along: 7 weeks 6 days
Gender:  Still thinking boy. We find out July 29th! 🙂
Size of baby: A blueberry! 
Maternity clothes: I haven’t wanted anything to touch my stomach at all so pretty much still sticking with skirts and dresses.
Belly button in or out: Praying it always stays in.
Sleep: When I get home from work I usually pass out for about 2 hours but I’m having a rough time sleeping at night. I just stare at the ceiling after 4 am.
Best moment this week: We’re settling into a normal routine of pregnancy and that’s really cool! The lack of adventure is the best adventure. That means everything is going well and it’s normal!  We did get lots of friend time this week. That’s always wonderful! We got to hang out at Sam’s new abode and I only fell asleep like once.  HOORAY!  Also, a dear friend of mine I’ve known since highschool brought me flowers and a card to work this week. How precious is that?! I cried. We’re so blessed with such an amazing support system. We go to the doctor on Monday for our next prenatal visit.
Worst moment this week: Um, I had an emotional breakdown over a chicken finger. It was just too too gross and it made me cry. I mean really? Pregnancy makes me crazy. 😉
Miss anything: Normal eating habits and night time sleep.
Movement: Not yet. Although I can’t WAIT for that to happen!
Cravings: Let’s not call them cravings. Let’s call them things I can eat more than 2 bites of without gagging. My basic food groups currently are Pringles, green beans, rice, watermelon, and sometimes cereal. And Mac and Cheese. I eat like a toddler. Ha!
Queasy or sick: Nausea! SO MUCH NAUSEA! Not much throwing up at all. Like that’s super rare, but constant nausea. All. The. Time. I think maybe I’d feel better if I did throw up, but then what if I never stopped……
Looking forward to: THE BEACH!!!! Ran and I are taking a little baby moon to Destin the week after next! I can’t wait for a few days away to relax and just be fat and pregnant. 🙂


Hey baby!
Man oh man. I gripe because honestly, I feel like crap, but I love feeling like crap because I LOVE YOU! You are the greatest little thing ever. Seriously. You make me hate meat and you make me constantly sick at my stomach and you are just the coolest. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to watch you grow and see who you become. Who are you? What are you going to like? What aren’t you going to like? Are you going to be calm like your Dad or talkative and nervous like me? You’re going to be such an amazing little person. I love you, Baby. Everyone loves you. Seriously. You are SO loved! You are going to do wonderful things. Everyone already knows it. 

I love you, 

Alpha Mom says:

Your baby:

  • Still with the growing. Always with the growing. Your baby starts off this week at four or five millimeters long, but is a whopping half an inch by the end.
  • Has a two-chambered heart, air passages in the lungs, and cerebral hemispheres in the braaaaaains.
  • Has an appendix, which is kind of cool until you remember that the appendix is almost completely useless. But it’s there now! Awww.


  • Might be feeling a little urpy and gaggy and pukey.
  • Are incredibly sensitive to smells.
  • Like, seriously. Who burned an English muffin in the employee break room this morning? WHO? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN, YOU MUFFIN-BURNING BASTARD.