There is no clever phrase for the word lime {11 weeks}

But hey! 11 weeks! Yippee!!!

How far along: 11 weeks 6 days
Gender:  We go July 29th, although, a 3d sonogram could possibly tell us now… I can’t wait to see what this little Sprout is!
Size of baby: A large lime!
Maternity clothes: Rocking my maternity shorts and grabbed a pair of jeans this week. I realized I can no longer fit into normal sized shirts that I’m used to. They’re too short. :/ I sure am getting bigger for someone who can’t eat more that 2-3 bites at a time.
Symptoms:  Not much to report this week. The symptoms are almost non-existant other than my meat aversion, only being able to eat a small bit at a time, and my horribly awful sore right boob. I’m not sure what I did to earn such an easy pregnancy but I’m waiting for the payback in full.
Sleep: I still have no energy but I’m not as tired as normal. When it hits though, it hits hard. I’m proud of myself for staying away during nap at work. It’s a struggle!
Best moment this week: We went to karaoke for Karla’s birthday, we’ve begin working in the nursery, we picked out our crib, and we finalized a girl name! (Penelope Mae Anne- Ran’s pick for the first name, his grandmother’s middle name, and my MawMaw’s middle name)
Worst moment this week: I’ve been having HORRIBLE nightmares! Oh my gosh! I’ve been tazed  and hit by a car in the last 2 nights! WHAT????? I’ve also been having awful doubts this week that bring me to tears. For about 3 days I just cried and cried because I just knew I lost my baby. We’re so close to the safe zone, I’ll feel much better when we go to the doctor on Tuesday and I can hear his little heartbeat.
Miss anything: Sick symptoms. I feel safer when I feel sick. Sometimes this little bean sprout still gets me good to let me know he’s there.
Cravings: Loving me some Ruffles potato chips and I’m still on a pizza kick. I’m also enjoying soup which is weird considering it’s hot as can be outside and I hate soup.
Looking forward to: Our 12 week appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully Dr. J will let me get a quick scan so I can see with my own eyes Sprout is doing just fine. We should hear him on the doppler as well and it’ll be our first time hearing his heartbeat. That’ll be amazing. Finishing up what we can of the nursery. I took off work next week to get a jump on it. We’re clearing out the room, painting, laying carpet, purchasing and putting up the crib, and hopefully I’m talking my father in law to starting on the built-in bookcases I have my heart set on.

Alphamom says:

  • Is the size of a small lemon or large lime. With a twist! Yeah, we’re done with the bean and nut comparisons and have moved onto fruit. Next stop, small household appliances!
  • Is officially a fetus, and is downright human-baby looking with non-webbed fingers and toes, although s/he needs a lot more cooking and fattening up.
  • Is moving and kicking and dancing and even hiccuping, although you won’t be able to feel the acrobatics for a few more weeks (sometime between weeks 16 and 20).


  • Please, it’s just all more of the same. The pregnancy books are all yapping about how much better and less sick/exhausted/crabby we should be feeling by now, and I spent a very productive morning hurling several particularly annoying tomes at the wall.

I just ADORE getting comments! I can't wait to read yours! Thank you so much for hanging out here with me!

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