Mommy’s Predictions



I think you are going to look like me mostly. I think you’re going to have my nose and chin and cheeks. I think you have Daddy’s top lip and my bottom lip and I think you have Daddy’s eyes. I know you have my ears. You showed them to us the other day. I think you’ll have dark hair and blue eyes. I hope you have your Gamma’s eyes. Pretty sure you’re almost bald though so it may take us a while to see that hair color.
I think you are going to be very observant and I think you are going to like to people watch more than socialize. I think you’re going to be very laid back and calm, but very picky and persnicky and I think you are going to throw a fit when things aren’t how you think they should be. And I think you have a temper. You don’t like being messed with at all. I think you’ll be nervous and anxious like me, but I think you’ll hold it in like your dad. I think you’re going to be musical like the Johnson side of the family, and I think you’ll love the drums or anything you can keep a beat with. I hope you like to read like me. I wonder if you’ll like attention like I do and want to perform.

Who ever you are, Oliver, and whoever you become, I will love you no matter what. You are my son, my joy, my light. You are my heart and I am already so proud of you. I know you will be GOOD. Truly good. I pray you have a gentle spirit and that you are brave. I pray you’re a leader and that you take every opportunity to learn and to grow. I hope you know how smart you are and that you believe in yourself as much as your dad and I do.  I hope you realized how loved you are, but I hope you stay humble and always put others before yourself. Be compassionate, son. Love others. Put your heart into those around you. It won’t always be easy, and most of the time it will hurt, but it will be worth it, because you will encounter people who will pour their heart into you too. Keep them around you. Work hard and push yourself and know if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish it. Nothing is impossible and Daddy and I will do everything we can to help you get where you want to be in life. More than anything, I want you to be happy. Whatever you choose to do, whoever you grow to be, I hope you are happy most of all. I hope you have joy and peace like you have given me. I love you, sweet boy. ❤


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