40 Weeks

40 weeks

How far along: 40 Weeks! Happy Due Date Day!
Gender: Our perfect precious prince of a boy!
Size of baby: A watermelon
Maternity clothes: I only wear yoga pants now. 😉 And flip flops.
Stretch marks: Sooooo many stretch marks! For a while they bothered me, but now I think they are beautiful. Every one a thread of our journey to you. ❤
Belly button in or out: It never popped out! Hooray!
Sleep: When I sleep I sleep really well, it’s just getting into a comfortable position. I get a good 5-6 hours in and I actually wake up with a lot of energy.
Best moment this week: WE MADE IT TO OUR DUE DATE!
Worst moment this week: We ended up at L&D for 3 AFIs and 3 NSTs this week. I thought I’d never leave. The good news is my fluid is staying up even though it’s low so we’re getting closer and closer to him getting to come on his own!
Miss anything: Rolling over. I seriously feel like a turtle trapped on her back.
Movement: You fluctuate and we’re watching it closely, but when you move, you move! If I can’t get you to move I drink pineapple juice. It’s like your magic wake up drink. You dance all over the place when you get it!
Cravings: I want cheese and pasta and yet at the same time I don’t want to eat anything at all. lol
Queasy or sick: I get a little nauseous every once in a blue moon but I’m finally able to eat pretty much whatever I want again!
Looking forward to: Your arrival. Not just me, everyone. Tuesday we thought was the day. Everything seemed to be pointing that way. Here we are on Saturday and you’re still not here. I’m wondering if you’re planning on showing up before Kindergarten. lol No pressure, buddy, but we’re all dying to meet you out here! ❤


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