2 weeks

How has it been 2 whole weeks since I’ve met the love of my life? It’s been the fastest 2 weeks of my life. They say the hours are long but the days are short, and I finally understand what they mean. I feel like I can’t slow down enough, yet it’s all speeding by.
Precious, beautiful Oliver-
Oh son. I wish I could put into words my feelings for you, but baby, I just haven’t figured them out yet. I’m not sure there are words for this deep of a love. You are perfect in every single way. And Oliver, you are an EASY baby. Even on rough days I never expected it to be so pleasant. You sleep a lot, but even when you are awake you are so content. You watch me and follow me with your eyes. I can’t tell you what that does to my heart. You melt me. You have about 3-4 times a day that you just scream bloody murder. There isn’t a middle ground with you. You’re either on or off. You’re currently sleeping about 6 hours most nights. You pig out then you’re out til Daddy gets up for work when you pig out again and sleep about 4 more hours. I know it won’t always be like that, but for right now I’m grateful you’re easing me into motherhood. You poop like a champ too. Seriously. Like twice a feeding. You love music and if I can’t get you to calm down or nurse I put on the Christina Perri Pandora station that I listened to while pregnant and you chill right now. Loud noises don’t bother you at all. You couldn’t care less. The day after we got home the smoke alarm went off and you barely reacted to it. Let me tell you how much that freaked me out. But you do react so I know there is nothing wrong, you’re just very laid back. You get that from your Dad. The banshee screaming is what you got from me. You love your Pappy (pacifier) even thought I fought for you not to have one. It soothes you. You love soft things. You have 2 blankets you are quite fond of because of this. (Soft blue and gray blanket, yes, those are Mommy’s clever names) You like to ride in the car and go places. Mommy wraps you up in the Moby wrap and you’ll sleep through any outing. It’s lovely. We gave you your first bath 4 days ago and after the initial shock, you loved the warm water. I’m ready for your belly button stump to fall off so we can give you a bath in the big tub. I know you’re going to love it!
You are the love of my life, Oliver. How I ever thought I was a whole person before you came along, I don’t know. You are the best thing your Dad and I have ever done. I can’t breathe you in enough. I can’t be close enough to you. Every day you are changing and it’s all going by too fast. Every day you’re more awake, your face is changing, your personality is more developed. I never know who I’m going to wake up to each morning. You are so alert when you are awake. You just watch me and whatever I am doing. I love it. It’s one of my favorite things about you. You enchant me. I love you, Bright Eyes.

Mommy ❤


Day 14- 2 weeks nap time-2 Day 14- 2 weeks nap time-9 Day 14- 2 weeks nap timeB&W-38 Day 14- 2 weeks nap timeB&W-41


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