One Month with Oliver

Hooray for Oliver! You are one month old! I can’t believe that it’s already been a month and only been a month all at the same time. Time is going by too fast although it feels like I’ve known you forever.

You seem to like being very “free.” You love being naked. This is probably because of the constant skin to skin you’ve gotten used to during the day when it’s just us. You’ve never cried during a bath once you’ve gotten used to the water. You love to reach out and grab anything you can. Especially your sleeves when I’m trying to dress you. You’re still a little peanut but you’ve got big giant feet like your Daddy.

So speaking of Daddy, you really are a great mix of the two of us. So far it seem you have my lips and nose and your Dad’s hair and eyes. You’re a morning person and you are quite bright eyed and bushy tailed during the day. You are quiet and agreeable, and even a little serious. You have my temper and my dramatic nature. Sorry about that. You are so great, until you aren’t, then you want everyone to know about it. This mostly happens from 10 pm- 1 am. Yep. You’re a screamer at night.

You’ve gained pounds and  inches. You’re much smaller than we expected you to be and you still aren’t fitting into your 0-3 month wardrobe I so tirelessly picked out for you. It wasn’t cheap and I’m beginning to worry once you get in it it’ll be out of season. Hopefully you’ll catch up soon. You love looking at lights, and studying faces. You listen to our voices and you love to ‘pet’ me while I’m feeding you. That’s when you’re at your most cuddly. Otherwise you want to see the world. When you are awake and alert, it’s so fun to just hold you and watch you take everything in, straining with all of your will to hold your head up and turn your body all around. You are definitely a grabber and recently started pulling my hair while I feed you. At night you like to, no, you NEED to be swaddled. You have a soft swaddle wrap that is blue minky. It’s your favorite. But when you are frustrated (which again, you often get at night) you try your best to bust out of it. We’ve found that if we put you in your swaddle wrap then swaddle you with a blanket so you’re nice and tight you can relax and sleep the best. When you can’t sleep we pull out all the stops. We turn on the rainy mood app and Daddy puts on the Rockabye Baby Lullabies. You love music. You love the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, the Christina Perri Pandora station, Philip Phillips, Queen, The Beatles, and Billy Joel. I’ve recently started playing DIsney music for you in the car. You seem to enjoy everything except for Beauty and the Beast. I dunno, maybe it has too much going on,  because it’s the only one you fuss with.

You love to nurse. I know this because it’s pretty much constant. At least every hour unless you’re getting a good nap in. You also love to go go go, much like me. You don’t like getting in your car seat but once you’re in you’re golden. You love to sleep in the car and you love being toted through stores. I think you sleep better at restaurants than anywhere else. All about some white noise. You aren’t a fan of silence. You also love to be held. You aren’t much for being put down. At 3 weeks you learned to poke out your bottom lip and realized it gets you a reaction from me of kisses and snuggles. You use this to your advantage often. You love your Pappy (your pacifier) and even though I’m not supposed to give it to you while we’re trying to get you gaining weight, sometimes I down right can’t help it. You’re also a pooper. Man do you poop. Sometimes like twice a feeding. Thankfully some of those poops are turning to toots (LOUD TOOTS) and so the changes are becoming much more regular and not quite as frequent. Still super often though. You seem to hate a clean diaper. It never fails as soon as we change you, you poop again right away. I keep telling you, you’re going to have to get a job to start paying for these pampers until you’re big enough for your cloth. We’ve been able to, in the last week, move you from our bed to your rock and play sleeper but every morning after your first feeding I put you on my pillow next to me and that’s how the 2 of us rest after Daddy goes to work. You fight sleep too. You fight sleep like it’s your job. I think it’s just because you don’t want to miss anything. You’re a busy body who wants to see the world. I can’t imagine who you got that from. 😉 You are hard work, kid, but you are so worth it. Screaming nights are nothing compared to your sweet face when you are sleeping or to how amazing you are when you are alert and looking around. I want to teach you everything and you seem so eager to take it all in.

Thank you for teaching your Dad and me about this completely new kind of love and concern and affection and pride and happiness. For showing us how strong we are. And thank you for showing us that it was possible to love each other more than we already did. What a sweet little family you made us.


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