My secret weapon

Oh my darlin, oh my darlin!
Seriously, these babies really are my weight loss secret weapon. I’ve cut out all sodas (10 weeks strong in kicking the coke habit!), I’ve cut cookies and pasta, and most junk. I’m far from clean eating but I do track everything that goes in my mouth. If I want a snack, if I’m hungry, if I want to emotionally eat, if I just need to put something in my mouth, I grab one of these babies. Seriously. They’re only 35 calories. So basically, yeah, guilt free. I eat at the very least 3 of these a day. I can put away 5 easily in a day if I’m low on my calorie goal or I’m really fighting some craving. A 5 lb bag doesn’t last 3 days in this house. But they are SO good!
When I’m planning my day I make sure I leave plenty of room in my calories for these sweet babies!
My other great love for when I’m wanting something sweet is Animal Crackers. You can have 13 of those cute cookies for only 100 calories. It’s another daily must for me. I will literally give up something in my day to fit in my animal cracker habit!
I also really enjoy the slim fast baked crisps in BBQ. Potato chips were by far the hardest thing for me to move out of my life and these are a huge help. They’re yummy, they’re satisfying, and I love the texture. They’re kind of expensive (I buy the 100 calorie packs) so I don’t indulge in them much, but if I need the salt something awful, I grab a bag.

Slowly but surely I’m finding food that makes me not miss my old habits at all. These work great for me and my weight loss journey. What works for you to kick the cravings and help you stay full?